MAKO ISLAND - Present #1: Komplettlösung Conkers Pocket Tales

MAKO ISLAND - Present #1

Find your way back to the well and enter it. Dodge the fish as you make your way back up to the surface. Now you have a choice between Mako Island or Claw Swamp. Let's go to Mako first. Go right until you are back on land. The proceed past the acorn and follow the path. Watch out for the crow. Go left, go down. Beat the guy and cross the bridge. This time dive into the river and follow it to the left. Keep going. Turn north and then turn right to get back on land. Then take a left after you're past the bridge. Then go north and left back into the water. Find the dark part of the water and dive in. Go left and into the next hole in the water, then exit to the south. Welcome to Mako Island.

Go south and dive into the water. Watch out for sharks. Make your way to the next island. Go down, turn right and go past the hole. Keep going right, then turn up when you see the stairs. Go straight up and follow the path. Then go into the house that says Ted's Boats. Talk to the acorn in there (Ted). He tells you to search for the forest wong. Go left and back up to the island you came from. Find the yellow path and the sign and go left to enter the house. The forest wong is inside. He'll give you a present and some good advice.

MAKO ISLAND - Present #2

Go south, back to the island you came from. Find Ted's Boats and talk to him. He'll ask you to get an engine, a propeller, a rudder and some wood. Grab the present and exit out the door.

MAKO ISLAND - Present #3

From Ted's Boat, go down after you've exited. Follow the brown path. Go outside of the brown path and you should be on the outside of the island. Work your way left. Once you're the point, swim out into the water. You'll find another island. Get on the island and go right. You'll find a hut there. Enter it. There should be an acorn inside of it. The acorn will give you a rudder that Ted asked for if you beat Honker in a swimming race.

Instructions for mini-game six.

To swim, press the control pad right and left quickly and repeatedly. Hit A when it says you should breathe. SUPERTIP: We've found that your fingers get tired and have won more easily using the eraser ends of two pencils to increase our speed and save our fingertips. However, this required two players, one on the pencils and on doing the breathing.

It's kind of a long race. A good time is about 80-85 seconds. The skunk, your competition, swims the race in about 91 seconds. You'll get a present and the rudder Ted Acorn asked for.

MAKO ISLAND - Present #4

Now exit the hut. Go to the far right of the island. When you see the water, dive in. Go down to the next island. There should be a hut in the middle of the island. Enter the hut and talk to the acorn. He'll give you the engine Ted want's if you beat Honker in the hurdle's race.

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Conkers Pocket Tales

Conkers Pocket Tales
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