Inner Keep level 2: Game Guide (Kapitel 2)

Inner Keep level 2

On this level there are a few thing's to do.

The Scout trainer Cynric can be found here. Be careful how you answer him, he might decide not to offer you any training. Butter him up a little.

There is a traitor to be found in this level. His name is Maris. He will give you a song and dance about wanting to be transfered to South Gate. You will need a 15 Perception to get a new conversation path.

You will meet a sleepy soldier named Esmond. He will tell you he is a lucky individual. He will also ask you to return a ring to Tracey. Once you have returned the ring to Tracey go back and let Esmond know.

Wyatt a Scout will ask to join your party.

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In the room next to Wyatt you can find Vasek a Fighter. The only way you be able to get him to join you is to have Wyatt in your party. You have to initiate conversation twice with Vasek for this to happen though.

Now if you want Vasek but not Wyatt then have Wyatt in your party long enough to get Vasek.

Librarian Marcus will be unable to find the old manuscript but will tell you that Page Simek was the last person to read it.

You need to find the Commander of the Watch Wacian. He will give you permission to go into the Cavern's. He will also ask you to let a guard named Weldon know that his replacement is ill and that another replacement will be sent shortly.

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Inner Bailey

The Merchant Rayous can be found on this map along with quite a few other Merchant's.

Merchant Rayous will tell you that he sold the last of the Night Faeries Breath to a page. He does not know the page's name but he has seen him in the Main Hall of the Inner Keep.

Another NPC to find and speak to on this map is Tristan.Tristan will ask you to find out what happened to a friend of his. His friend is the Knight that went with the Scout and the Seer into the Cavern's after the Earthstone. He ask's you to recover the Knight's Signet Ring if the Knight is dead.

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You will need a 15 Perception to trigger the Signet Ring quest.

In the Main Hall of the Inner Keep you should see the Page Simek. Confront him and he will deny the charges but will let something slip. Once you get to a certain point in the conversation he will attack you. When you have defeated him search him and you will find a green vial. Take the green vial to Brother Larry.

Brother Larry will give you a Protection from All spell as a reward.

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Inner Keep Basement

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When you find Mage Felious He will ask you to bring him any word of the Scout Lydia, who was with the previous party to venture into the Cavern's. If you read your log's you will notice that Felious mentioned that you speak to his skeleton. Bones can be found in a hidden room in Felious's quarter's. Bones will offer you some Mage training.

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