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Things that can be analyzed

From the appartement living room

Ashtray ---> Fingerprints

Beer bottle ---> Fingerprints

Fingerprints on the right wall ---> Fingerprints, chemical

Lamp --> Fingerprints

Bottle of Henessy ---> Fingerprints

Telephone ---> Fingerprints

Stereo ---> Fingerprints

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Appartement Bedroom

Inside the drawer --> Insurance policy ---> handwriting

Checkbook ---> handwriting

Bill/Receipt ---> handwriting

On the dresser --> Note in the book ---> handwriting

Inside jewelry book ---> all for fingerprints

On the bed --> Betting slip ---> handwriting

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Appartement’s kitchen

Calendar ---> handwriting

Answering machine ---> listen

Mails --> Cancelled checks ---> handwriting

Credit card ---> handwriting


Appartement’s bathroom

Towel ---> Fiber

Brush ---> Fingerprints

In the medicine cabinet ---> Pills ---> fingerprints, chemical

Cough medicine ---> fingerprints

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Pier 91

Chunk of conrete ---> chemical

Rag cloth ---> chemical

Rope ---> fiber

Wash cloth ---> fiber

Tire iron ---> blood

Tire tread ---> imprint

Shirt and pants ---> fiber

Earl’s car

Tire ---> imprint

Concrete fragments ---> chemical

Golf club

Garage remote --> fingerprints

Cup and journal

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Dave’s car

Dave’s tire ---> imprints

All things in trunk are no use at all

All things in the car are no use at all

Lisa’s car

Tire iron ---> blood

Tires ---> imprints

The others are no use

Try to check out the evidences in the cars before the first day (or on the beginning of the first day, especially Earl’s car) in the second week, or it’ll be too late. And check the mail at the end of day five.

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