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HIDE GUN. TAKE PLATTER. Open the door and walk to the entrance. You will be frisked and escorted to the room where the ambassador is being held. PUT FOOD ON TABLE. REMOVE LID. TAKE GUN. FIRE. (Tap the spacebar to repeat the command, then press the ENTER key.) You must be quick with these two shots; there is no need to turn and fire. Walk to the nearest guard. SEARCH GUARD. Walk to the ambassador. FREE MAN. CHANGE CLOTHES. LEAVE, and save your game.

If you are not fond of or good at arcade sequences, the next one is a toughie. You can skip it by pressing the "F8" function key, though you will lose points if you do. The trick is, once you are safely back in the van, save your game, and set the game speed to 9 (press the ESC key and choose "Speed" from the menu bar).

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As you enter the final arcade sequence, remember that each key should be lightly tapped only once. Do not hold down the arrow keys. When the screen changes to the hill view, take note of the explanation box at the lower left of the screen. Tap the up-arrow key once. Just before the first curve, tap the down-arrow key once then quickly tape the left-arrow key once. Each time you turn successfully, tap the up-arrow key once to briefly increase speed. As you near each turn, repeat the slowing-down, turning and speeding-up maneuvers the appropriate arrow keys. Continue this process until you are at the top of the hill.

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At the slowest speed, I found hitting the up-arrow key once only brought my speed up to 25 mph, and I rounded the curve at 20 mph. It is important to speed up in the first couple of straightaways, or the terrorists will catch you. Using this method, I went right up the hill on the third try. Finally, you enter the endgame, and it takes over from here.

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Alternate Blackhawk Solutions:

I finished with 270 of 300 points. I know this score can be improved by setting the waypoints for the voyage a little more accurately, and more points are available for navigating more precisely under the Coontz (I received 8 out of 10 here). It is also possible to earn more points for sinking the Russian submarine rather than staying out of sight in the trench. To do this, you will need to save some of your torpedoes and decoys from the earlier encounter with the Russian destroyer by sinking the ship with as few of your weapons as possible. Both Russian ships will sink with three direct hits.

All in all, I enjoyed the depth of this game and its puzzles. Too many adventure games are either too short or too easy. CODENAME: ICEMAN will give you your money's worth in both length and difficulty. I hope you enjoy this game as much as I did!

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Codename Iceman

Codename Iceman
  • Genre:
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: Sierra
  • Release: 30.12.1989

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