4. Middle Ages: Komplettlösung Time Paradox

4. Middle Ages

In Towngo to Inntake 'sleeping drunk' (-> you steel food and a coin)go way out (left)give food to beggar (-> you get playing cards)go to Innuse cards with gamblers (-> you get wads of cash)go way out, go to market placetake bellows (at pillar left of smith)go town hall (right)take bushes (bottom right of the scene -> you get elderberries)go castle (right)talk to gardener: 'exactly, what is this thing', 'that's interesting, how ..' -> you get a sprig of moles banego castle gate (right)go forest (down)talk to sprite: 'who are you', 'what's a wan..', 'what's so special about you' -> sprite changes into a wandtake wandgo forest (left, you see the first crone, ignore her for the moment)go forest (left, you see a second crone)talk to crone: 'hi, what are you doing', 'what kind of business', 'yes' -> you get a sleeping potiongo forest (left)take mask (middle left on the ground)go farm (left)talk to farmer: 'hello', 'do you grow herbs', 'do you think i could have some' -> you get garlicgo village green (right)open 'man in stocks' (-> he gives you a dandelion)go back to the first crone (the one you ignored)

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give dandelion, garlic, moles bane and elderberries to crone -> you get the 'back medicine' (and the smiling mask)go back to market placegive 'back medicine' and 'wads of cash' to smith -> you get the iron wirego town hall (right)go town hall (middle up, you enter the building now)use happy mask with deskuse sad mask with desk (-> the panel opens)go panelgo passage (right, you enter the room with the force field)talk to imp: 'how do i get past the force field?' 'the force field is in the way', 'nah, you'r no Romeo' -> imp gets into the force fieldopen panel (in the wall, just to the left of you)use iron wire with panel (-> force field and imp disappear)go dungeon (right)use bellows with dragon (-> dragon burns the door away)go dungeon stairs (you escape the dungeon now)

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5. Middle Ages

In the Castlego corridor (middle up)use wand with boxtake box (-> you get an empty goblet and Merlin's hat)go corridor (left)give sleeping potion to guardgive goblet to guard (-> guard drinks and falls asleep)open oak doortalk priest: 'why are you locked in here' -> you get holy water and pendantgo corridor (left)go corridor (right, room with two battle axes, two armor suits)open door (the left door below the painting, you enter the library)use pendant with window (-> spell book appears)take spell book (from the right book shelf, and remember this place!)go corridor (left)go corridor (right, top secret time room door)go pagan temple (down)go pagan temple (up middle, you enter the temple)use holy water with Morgana (-> Morgana disappears, button appears)

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push button (in left leg of fire place)go fire placelook Crypt (-> tells you to use book, wand and hat on it)use spell book, wand and hat with Crypt (-> Merlin wakes up) -> and ... far away, in the library, a clickable 'hole' appears right at the place where you took Merlin's spell book ...talk Merlin: 'ok you're free, what's next', 'how do we do that?'go back to the librarytake hole (at the place where you found Merlin's spell book) -> you get the alloy keygo back to top secret time room dooruse alloy key with door -> final film plays

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Time Paradox

  • Genre: Adventure
  • Plattformen: PC
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  • Release: 10/1996

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