The Scriptorium: Komplettlösung Knights Chase

Empty the contents of your bucket in the fire place. Search and climb inside the chimney.

Under the roof: Use the sheep skin to jump silently from one side to the other. Go to the left. When you are above the old man's bedroom, use the stick to take his frock. Then, straight ahead and when you are in the next room, turn right. Jump.

Ground floor: Search the iron cage and take the book 'The Knight's Song' and the hologramme. (Do not 'push' the cage). Push the big golden cross : it is a secret passage.

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The Scriptorium

You will find cups with:

  • Water
  • Pitch
  • Boneblack
  • Spleen
  • and a stiletto.

Go up the stairs: take the goose-quill and the wooden box on top of the cupboard.

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Stand in front of the desk where you can write and use the book. Use the stiletto on the book : you will have a cristal gem. Use the water, the spleen, the boneblack and you will obtain some ink.

Stand in front of the white paper and use the goose-quill to copy the contents of the 'Knight's Song'. Go back to the room with the iron cage and put back in the cage the 'Knight's Song' and the wooden box. Don't lose time because a timer is on!

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Go back to the scriptorium, put on the monk's frock and push the torch on the wall. The secret passage will close. A monk will enter and you will have to follow him very carefully (always walk right behind him). When you are outside in the cloister, turn right when you are near an open door (a message is displayed) the monk keeps going straight forward. Outside, in the back you will see a guard. Once you are inside the hospital, do not go out again.

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The Hospital

Take the wooden pot, which is on the floor on your left when you enter. Smash it against the wall so you can pick up a key. The key opens the door on your left hand side entering the hospital. In this room, find a book on a stone edge and read about how to make a sleeping potion with the ingredients you will find on the 3 shelves. Go out and get inside 4 other rooms with shut doors.

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Knights Chase

Knights Chase
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