The Cemetery: Komplettlösung Knights Chase

The Cemetery

You are now in the cemetery where zombies and a ghoul wait for you. First get rid of the ghoul using the small wooden cross. It will leave a tooth for you to open the door at the bottom of the tower. Then go towards the two other tombs and use the stones.

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The Tower

Once you are inside the tower, on your left handside you will find a secret passage. To open it push on the small statuette on the wall.

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The Cells

Back in the cells you will have to find your way back to the torture room to access the cells where you were made prisoner with Berwal. Go to Berwal's cell but be careful appearances can be deceitful! Go back up to the library.

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The Church

Now get out of the library and breathe some fresh air in the cloister. Go round and get rid of the guard in front of a door. Go inside and look around you. You are in a church. Look at all the carved pictures on the wall (stations of Christ). When you see the number 7, push the picture. A door will open. Fight the black knight and go up the steps. Use the first weight you find on your left and use it.

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The Roof

You are on the roof now and you can use your three diamonds on the tomb. You will be caught but your friend Berwal will come to your rescue.

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Knights Chase

Knights Chase
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