Desert Cave: Game Guide

Desert Cave

Take medallion to reader mechanism. Use in compartment. Use helmet. This transmission tells you that to enter his tomb, you need lev. finder, fully charged and you need to solve the logic problem of the colored crystals in heads on walls. After transmission, remove medallion from mechanism. If you click on it in inventory, he will repeat the logic rules.

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Return to pyramid mask room and set crystals in head/masks: Head Black Blue Red Green Yellow Crystals Blue Red Green Black Yellow Enter tomb and take (uncracked) crystal cube from altar. Exit and return to map and go to Stonehenge.

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Go to central rock. Put lev. finder on central rock. Use crystal cube on it. Click on this stuff, to pick it up, when color shown is yellow (with the delay , this will really pick it up when color is red). Inventory should say 'recharged lev. finder'. Return to tomb in pyramid. Use charged lev. finder with octagon-hole in tomb. Inside tomb, pick up dolphin disk. Exit and go to map and go to Carib Island.

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Carib Island

Go to pier, sailor should be back. Talk to him. After he tells you story, ask him to take you out to ocean again.

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At bottom of ocean, go screen right to gate. Use dolphin disk in portal lock Enter (automatic scene). See broken control panel near door. Try to open door -- dialog with occupant. Open drawers in large filing cabinet. Then use filing cabinet to climb the pipes. Walk to air vent on right, and use your press pass on vent. Return to door and talk to Helen. Go down hall on screen left to elevator room. Read journal near skeleton. Use button to go down. Notice 3 locked doors to screen right, with colored disks above each. Also notice canister mechanism to screen left. Take elevator up and up again -- to prison room. (automatic scene) He should give you key to filing cabinet that holds instruction to canister mechanism on lower floor.

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