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Good evening, Swinging Singles. It's 10 o'clock, and you're without a date, as usual. But here in Lost Wages, you need not be alone...not if you've got plenty of cash, elementary social skills, an good supply of breath spray, and a willingness to try anything once. As LEISURE SUIT LARRY, you've determined to make this the last lonely night of your life.

This walkthru offers only one particular way to play LEISURE SUIT LARRY. There is a great deal of flexibility in the game, however, and the game can be completed with many fewer points than you will earn using this walkthru, although you may miss some very funny and <ahem unusual experiences.

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A few necessary conventions. First of all, the game occasionally requires you to perform some basic human functions. For the purposes of this walkthru, we'll say 'USE' where another less delicate word will work just as well. Also, for women playing LEISURE SUIT LARRY, you're going to have to learn to think like a man. For the most part, that means forget the subtlety. In this game, outright deviousness and persistence gets the girl.

Inventory control is a cinch in LEISURE SUIT LARRY. You can hold everything, and only rarely will the game let you drop or otherwise misuse something before you've used it for the correct purpose. The game

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designers have also apparently learned where elephants go to die...your mouth. Thus, you have a large (but not bottomless) supply of breath spray. You'll want to USE SPRAY whenever somebody begins to make snide comments regarding your oral hygiene. Never walk out into the middle of the street, despite their seeming desertion. And NEVER linger in a dark alley.

Before you start, you'll have to take a little exam to prove your age. No help with this one -- you'll have to prove your age on your own. And you won't find the answers in any encyclopedia.

You begin your evening in the Land of the Lounge Lizards in front of Lefty's, sleazy bar nonpareil. You'll find you've got (in addition to your breath spray) $94 in your wallet, as well as some notes and

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business cards you won't need, and credit cards (which won't work in this game). You've also got a working Bolex watch. This game spends a lot of time tipping the hat to Infocom, so you've got the requisite lint. OPEN DOOR and go in.

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What atmosphere! Notice the fine velvet art and the refined clientele. I was in a place like this in Upper Sandusky, Ohio once, but that was decades ago, and it's a long story. SIT on the empty stool at the bar. You can order all the beer and wine you like, but make sure you ORDER WHISKEY. You're wise enough not to drink it, but around here, it's not tough to find somebody who will. The young lady at the bar just isn't very responsive (unless you pinch her), and the only other person talking is the guy with the ancient punchlines. So head through the doorway at the top of your screen.

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