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Note: This walk-thru attempts to follow the storyline when at all possible, although a better feel for the game can be had by generally TALKing to more people about different things. There is probably a 'faster' way through the game...of course, if all you're trying to do is finish the game quickly, why are you really playing it?

The following word conventions are used to represent the icons on the bottom of the playing screen.

Word Action
MOVE Simon moving two arrows
OPEN Box opening/closing
LOOK Magnifying glass
TAKE Magnet picking up nail
TALK Mouth
USE Hammer hitting nail
WEAR Top hat
GIVE Present

You can press F5 at any time to skip through a long cut-scene, or press F10 to highlight all 'usable' objects on the current screen.

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Go back into Calypso's shop. TAKE the baseball bat and the dye. Leave the shop. Go to the castle. Ask the guards how much a dollar is worth. Leave the castle. Go to the 3 Bear's Cottage. OPEN the letterbox and TAKE the letter. Go to the Street of Traders. TALK to the dwarf ironmonger. After he is done talking, TALK to him again. Ask him how the ironmongering trade is doing. Offer to help him with his money problem: there are 15 dollars in a Gold Sovereign, 16 groats in a dollar, and 3 Gold Sovereigns in a Royal Crest. The ironmonger will give you a crowbar. Go down the stairs to the pet shop. After chatting with the owner, try to TAKE the electric turtle. After getting zapped, leave the pet shop and go left to the joke shop. TAKE the joke book, LOOK at the Stinko Kit sign, and TALK to the Joke Seller.

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After getting squirted, leave the joke shop. Leave the Street of Traders. Go to the Loan Office. GIVE the joke book to the Jester; he'll give you a bladder in return for cheering him up. USE the crowbar on the drain cover. Walk into the sewers, and try to go left. A large spider will come out and scare you back out of the sewers. Go into the Sunshine Loan Company. TALK to the secretary. After picking one of the loans (doesn't matter which), OPEN the door to the manager's office. While the manager is looking for the proper form, USE the letter from the 3 Bear's Cottage on the in-tray. Leave the Sunshine Loan Co (The 3 Bear's Cottage will be promptly bombed). Go to the 3 Bear's Cottage. Walk into the house. Walk to the right, into the kitchen. TAKE the rubber gloves. MOVE the tap to turn it off. The Three

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Bears wil come home and an animation sequence will ensue. You will be 'teleported' to the Fountain area. Go to the left and leave the Fountain area. Go to the Docks. Whichever side of the dock you pick, walk to the right and TALK to Um Bongo. He'll eventually tell you that he is missing his dancers. Walk to the left of the dock and TALK to Goldilocks. Ask her why she is hiding behind the crates, then tell her you'll be back. USE the crowbar on the crate. After she climbs in, TAKE the wig and the rubber dinghy. Leave the docks. Go back to the 3 Bear's Cottage and walk into the house. After talking with the Papa Bear, GIVE him the wig to help with his forensic search. He'll thank you, and Mama Bear will give you some porridge as a reward. Leave the house. Go to the Town Square. TALK to the Accordion Player. One of the

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Morris dancers will break his stick. GIVE the baseball bat to the Accordion Player; he'll get K.O.'ed by a butterfingered dancer. Leave the Town Square. Go to the Tatooist. MOVE the ladder. Climb up to the door and OPEN it and go into the Insane Society. TALK to the Frying Pan man; The Fish Man will give you a note book since the Frying Pan Man has taken a vow of 'deafness'. USE the note book on the Frying Pan Man and ask him about how to join. He'll tell you there is an opening for a porridge wearer. Tell him you'll go get some porridge. WEAR the porridge you got from the 3 Bear's Cottage. The Frying Pan Man will give you a junk bag. After leaving the Insane Society, OPEN the junk bag to get a 100 dollars, a bungee rope and a wedge. Leave the Tattooist area and go to MucSwampling's. TALK to the mascot and get a balloon and a

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Simon the Sorcerer 2

Simon the Sorcerer 2
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
  • Release: 07/1995

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