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Lord British's 'Ultima III: Exodus' is the third, and most ambitious, offering in an outstanding fantasy role-playing series. Every aspect of this game, from the documentation to the computer graphics, is a logical, yet enhanced, extension of the earlier two chapters of the 'Ultima' saga. In 'Exodus,' however, there is a fundamental new twist: No longer must a solitary character strive to overcome the evil abroad in the land; a party of up to four players may join the quest. The strategy tips in this file should aid your party during its perilous adventure.

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Start out by thoroughly studying the four booklets that come with the game: The Book of Play, the Ancient Liturgy of Truth, the Book of Amber Runes, and the Player Reference Card. You must then form a party by designating race and profession and by allocating 50 points among four attributes. Each profession has different valuable characteristics, and part of this game's flexibility is that you may try various combinations.

Perhaps the best initial party will be composed of an elf thief, a dwarf fighter, a bobbit cleric, and a fuzzy wizard. A dwarf or bobbit paladin, or a human ranger, may easily be substituted for the dwarf fighter. It is certainly desirable to include both a cleric and a wizard in your group because only they have the capacity to develope advanced spell-casting powers.

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In combat situations, each party member takes a turn in order. Therefore, it is important to position the characters in such a way as to take advantage of their particular abilities. Generally, characters who have more weapon/armour options should be in first and second place; the spell casters should be in the next rank. I had very good luck with 'Snatch' (elf thief) and 'Devo' (dwarf fighter) in the front, with 'Wanda' (fuzzy wizard) and 'Clarissa' (bobbit cleric) in the rear. Since combat may seem too fast and confusing at first, it may help you to give your characters mnemonic names.

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Your little band begins its adventure near the castle and city of Lord British on the grassy plains of the continent of Sosaria. Immediately equip your characters with daggers and cloth armour. Then, save the game. Frequent 'saves' will help you to avoid getting stuck with a group of dead bodies on your hands; if disaster seems imminent, you can turn off your machine and restore your previous game position.

Enter the town, where it is safe. Examining the player roster, you will see that each party member possesses 150 gold pieces and 150 items of food. You should transfer extra gold to one character, preferably a fighter type, so that he may purchase a bow. Long-range weapons such as bows and slings are vital to surviving combat. Of course, daggers may be thrown, but they are

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then lost; it is useful to obtain an abundant supply. Remember to re-ready and/or re-equip a player who transacts with merchants or you might find a character with a bow and leather armour in her inventory standing naked and empty-handed against eight Ttitans! It goes without saying that your group must have adequate supplies of food.

Any player may attempt to steal from the gold-laden chests that are located in weapons and armour shops; however, thieves have the most success. Lower level characters haven't a prayer against guards, so larceny is a risky endeavour. It is not possible to steal food in this game; however, chests occasionally contain a valuable weapon or item of armour. If you wish to steal with impunity, you can bribe guards. Greasing guards' palms causes them to instantly disappear.

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Ultima 3

Ultima 3

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