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Some buildings on Minoc have second levels with sleeping quarters and items if you search for them. The ground level has a Healer (who does not charge for her services), a Shipwright and an Armoury. Follow Shenstone at noon. He leads you to a place where you can find keys. Rew reveals a Mantra and more useful information. Talk to Tactus, Fenelon and Fiona.


The towne of Honesty has second levels where you can search for items, plus a telescope. The ground level has many items, an orb for viewing, and a shop selling reagents. You may also purchase rations here. Talk to the man in the tower. Malifora knows a Word of Power and a Mantra.

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Ron Wartow has a Mantra. Katrina will offer to join you. Talk to Kaiko.


The gates to Paws are closed at night. You will find a Guild, Inn and Tavern. Glinkie tells how to find a Shrine. Talk to Bandaii (if you know where to find the talking horse). Stables hold a clue to the wishing wells.


The gates open at 5:00am at this Bastion of Courage. Here you will find the Flame of Courage. An upper level has a large dining room. Kristi the cook will sell you five Skull Keys. Talk to Lord Malone, Monsieur Loubet and Gardner. Maxwell, a sleek Fighter, offers to join. A sub-level in Serpent's Hold contains the Flame of Courage. If you fall down a trap-door and appear to be closed in, search for secret doors.

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The towne of Spirituality has a drawbridge that is raised at midnight. Here you will find an Inn, a Healer and a Shop selling reagents. Kindor reveals a Mantra. Talk to Saul about Mandrake and Nightshade. A wizard on the upper floor of the centre building (after you defeat the bats) will answer to the word 'OPPRESSION'. If you provide him with a name he will send you to Windmere to see Elistaria and give you the password. Find and talk to the child in town, son of a prisoner in Yew.


See the paragraph on the SHADOWLORDS + THE SCEPTRE.


A lighthouse located Southwest of Minoc, this has three levels and two inhabitants. Information is scarce, but try anyway.


On the upper level you will find sleepwalkers. Sindar gives a Word of Power. There is a Stable, a Healer and an Armoury.

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A three-level lighthouse off the West coast of Verity Isle, this may not yield any information.


Elistaria, in response to 'IMPERA', gives you a badge that, if worn, helps you in Blackthorn's Palace. She also says Thrud will provide you with jewelled weapons for the resistance password.

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The towne of Justice closes it's gates at night. Search the cemetery graves for items. There is a Tavern, an Armoury and a Reagent shop on the ground level and quarters on the lower level. Janna will offer to join you. Ask Landon about the Crown. To reach the lower level, go through one of the fireplaces. Chamfort will tell you of resistance and a Mantra. If jailed, you will be taken to the cells behind Judge Dryden's office and should talk with Jerome. In another cell you will meet Felespar. Give him the password of the resistance, and he'll give you a Word of Power. Ask Judge Dryden of the oppression. Tell him Tactus of Minoc sent you. Tell Greymarch that Froed is well, and he tells of the Sceptre.

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