Burkittsville - Day 2: Komplettlösung Blair Witch Volume 1

Enter the Town Hall. Turn right and move towards the door in front of the counter. Get the FireAxe from the wall, and read the note attached to the door. Go forward down the hall, then enter the door directly in front of you. SAVE YOUR GAME. When you move closer to the Sheriff, be prepared to RUN BACKWARDS and DRAW YOUR WEAPON. You discover that he is a Demonite. Shoot and kill the Sheriff. Exit the Town Hall and continue your search for the apparition that appeared and left from your bathroom at the Inn. Turn right. Go down the street to the alley before the Church. Shoot and kill the zombie jumping around outside the Cemetary. [At this point, you may choose to move into the Cemetary, kill more zombies

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and then exit]. Return to the Diner, but be prepared to shoot as you approach the front steps and door. Kill the demonite that jumps out of the window, then enter the Diner. Again, draw your weapon and kill the man who had been sitting at the counter earlier when you visited the Diner and who made the comment about the Pies. Exit the Diner and use your Sensor Tracking Device again.

Kill the zombie around the Church area (go all the way around). Walk down the street and kill other Zombies that pop up out of the ground. When you've killed them all you will see a short scene showing the Church door opening to you. Go up the to

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the Altar and read the Bible. The Stained Glass window will break. Look around and then leave the Church. As you leave the Church you will see a brief scene with a zombie with a hole in the center of its body pop up out of the ground. Run, following the Zombie to the Schoolyard. You will meet up with several other zombies. An automatic sequence follows as you kill them all. A short video sequence follows and you wake up from your dream to begin Day 2.

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Burkittsville - Day 2

Leave your Inn room and go straight to the Town Hall-Sheriff's Office. Speak with Sheriff Bowers (not a very friendly fellow, huh?). When you leave the TownHall, go to the Diner. Soon the Sheriff enters.

In HARD PUZZLE MODE you will have to distract the Sheriff. Head to the Librarian and visit, then go to the Reporter at the Newspaper. The Reporter will give you a file on a previous incident that happened at the school. Odd symbols are written on the Schoolhouse wall (look at the file in your Inventory). You may buy Red Paint from the General Store, and use that, but as soon as you leave the Town Hall after speaking with the Deputy, the Sheriff arrests you. Uh oh....End of Game.

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Alternate Solution in HARD PUZZLE MODE: Go talk to the Schoolmarm, then head off to talk to Kyle Brody's Mother. Don't forget to pick up the note at the bottom of the steps leading up the hill (by the mailbox). Go back and talk to the Schoolmarm, she should be asleep and you don't wantto wake her. Search the schoolhouse, pick up the chalk. Use the chalk on the front of the Schoolhouse. Now you can get the partial Map and information from the Deputy at the Town Hall.

When he does, quickly leave the Diner and return to the Town Hall. Speak with Deputy Charlie Hobart and he'll give you a partial map to Parr's House. Head out of the Sheriff's Office and down the street. At the School sign you'll come to the

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