Komplettlösung Blair Witch Volume 1

order. You get 'Nev' from the field notes, from Kyle's Coffin Rock Sketch. Enter the following symbols using the symbol chart in your inventory:

Row 2, 5th Symbol from the left = Nev

Row 1, 2nd symbol from the left = ur

Row 1, 1st symbol on the left = givn

Solve the chemical analysis of the metals in your Motel Room. Use the eye dropper and use Test Tubes: 6, 1, and 4 on the metals. Then visit the General Store for Paint Stripper. Saturate the Twana with Paint Stripper.

Visit the Church and speak with Pastor Ascot (Schoolmarm's husband). Enter the Schoolyard and speak with the Little Girl,

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Mary Brown, sitting on the ground by the swings. She appears to be talking with someone, but who? After talking with her, you realize that she is missing some sort of pet.....Mister Brownie. You make a note to return it to her if you find it.

Leave the Schoolyard and head for the Burkittsville Historical Society Library and speak with Mr. Peter Durant, the Historian. He provides you with a book with information you jot down in your personal notebook. Return the book to Mr. Durant. After returning the book to him, use your 'action' key on him and he will provide you with a book on Native American Folklore. After jotting down more notes in your notebook, return the book to him once again. Use the 'action'

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key once again, and he will give you a little information on Robin Weaver. There's a note in your 'To Do' list to find and interview Robin Weaver. That comes later.

Leave the Library and head back to your Motel. Go to the Innkeeper's Office and inquire about your parcel. When you discover that it hasn't arrived yet, exit the Office. As you exit the Motel Office, Justine appears in her car and hands over the weapons and medical supplies you'd requested. Enter your Motel room. It's time to analyze those recordings of Mary Brown's conversation and the noises you recorded in the Forest/Woods. Below are the settings you should use in order to correctly 'analyze' the recordings:

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4 2 5
Bass Treb Freq

PITCH = 2nd 'slot' from the left


An automatic sequence occurs where Holiday indicates that there were definitely 2 voices in the schoolyard.



2 5 3
Bass Treb Freq

PITCH = 2nd 'slot' from the right


Holiday hears her OWN voice saying: 'Stranger, where are you? I need you here.'

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Now get your gear from your suitcase (all of it, you'll need it!). Leave your Motel Room and head for the Woods. As you exit your Motel Room, you meet up the the Sheriff outside. He tells you that he's watching you! As you enter the Schoolyard, Suzanne Ascot, the Schoolmarm exits the schoolhouse and tells you about the arrest of Kohl at the General Store. Leave the Schoolyard and go down past the Historical Society Library. Speak to everyone standing around the General Merchant's store, and then the Deputy standing at the door. Now it's time to head for the Forest by side the Schoolyar. Use your Map (very often!), Sensor Device, Compass, and draw the weapon of your choice!

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