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Jonathan Prye begins the game by reading aloud a letter he writes to Baltimore, Maryland. He must rediscover his own faith before returning to Maryland. He will be traveling to Blair Township to investigate what has been going on.

Walk forward towards the town. Hear a warning from a woman who is leaving the town in a hurry. Check out the General Store, the Tavern, etc. Everything seems to be locked up. Enter the building on the right while facing the Church. Turn right inside the building and enter the room. Speak with Jonah, the Magistrate. He tells you he has 2 suspects in custody and is awaiting soldiers to take them for trial. He also tells you of an old woman, named Elly Kedward, who was believed

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to be practicing witchcraft. He informs you that he has two suspects in jail: A drunk, and Elizabeth Styler, a practicing witch. Jonah suggest you visit Coffin Rock, if you believe in witchcraft. He also suggests you speak with Priest Hale Goodfellow before venturing out in the Woods. Pick up the jail key before leaving the Magistrate. Also take the Missing Person's Poster off the wall in his office room.

Visit the Church. Enter the door, go forward all the way to the end and open the white door. Speak with Father Hale Goodfellow about Elly Kedward.

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Exit the Church through the rear door and go all the way around it. Go down the steps by the hanged woman. Use the jail key to open the door. Go down the steps and speak to the drunk, Hirrum Heathtow. He tells you he left his whiskey jug in the old barn and before he'll tell you what he knows, he wants you to get the whiskey for him. No reason at this time to speak with the woman in the jail cell next to Heathrow. She's sleeping and you won't disturb her. Exit the jail, move back around so you're facing the Church doors. The barn is on the right, next to the Magistrate's building. Enter the barn. Get the Whiskey jug in the 2nd stahl after killing a ravaged dog. Also take the Missing Persons Poster

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from one of the other stahls. Exit the barn and take the Missing Persons Poster from the tree between the Church and the Magistrates office. Go back down to the Jailcells.

Hirrum Heathrow tells you about Elly Keyward and the fact that she has knowledge to take them all to hell. Elizabeth Styler speaks from her cell and she explains away anything but insanity from having been in Elly Keywards house. Notice the letters encircled around the floor circle in her cell. Exit the jail. (Saved Game Titled: WOODSFIRSTTIME).

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Follow the main path around and past all the dead bodies laying on the road. Turn left at the big tree and head forward across the bridge. Move forward some more, and turn right at the big tree in the pathway. Cross the old wooden bridge and turn right at the intersection. Follow the path straight up to Coffin Rock. (Saved Game Titled: COFFINROCK1VISIT). Shoot all the evil spirits/zombies and the scene ends as you automatically walk up and rescue the little girl who is tied up on the rocks. You might have to attempt to leave Coffin Rock before you can see and kill the rest of the Zombies.

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Blair Witch Volume 3

Blair Witch Volume 3 - Elly Kedward
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