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There are four main areas in Nalia's Castle; they are listed below with points of reference on the map above.

1) This is the outpost that Captain Arat has set up. Talk to him and he will give you the lowdown on the situation, as well as 20 fire arrows to aid you in your quest. He will also tell you about the hidden door entrance to the keep.

2) The hidden door is just north of the outpost. Walk around the area here until a purple door appears; this is the secret entrance.

3) Captain Arat will ask you to open the drawbridge so that his men can assist you in fighting off the Trolls. Sounds like a good plan. Make a note of lowering the drawbridge. Work your way around to the front door on the first floor and head out into the courtyard. There are four Dogs that will turn hostile when they see you; kill them and take the dog meat they dropped. You will need this later on.

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4) Remember that drawbridge I mentioned earlier? Well, this is the switch that lowers the drawbridge so Captain Arat can send his men in to help you. Have one of your party flip the switch, but before doing so arrange your party into a defensive formation, as lowering the bridge will trigger some Trolls to spawn in the courtyard.

With the drawbridge lowered, head on up to the first floor of the Castle.

The entire keep is full of Trolls, so be careful where you step. One point of note: There are several pieces strewn around the Castle that can be assembled to make a very nice flail. However, wait until you have cleaned out the Castle before you

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go off searching for them. The Trolls are not particularly hard to defeat, providing you kill them while they are down. There are also six hidden doors marked 1 to 5 on the map above. If you are having trouble finding these doors, use the spell Detect Traps to help you out.

1) The entrance from the secret door; pick the lock to move on to the next room.

2) After you enter this room, set your party into a defensive ambush position and then use one person to lure the Trolls from the next room back into your ambush. Remember to use an Acid or Fire spell to kill the Trolls.

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3) In this room is the servant Daleson, who will talk with Nalia. You must be sure not to be mean to Daleson no matter what the excuse; if you do you will lose reputation points. When he is finished talking, loot the room and then head to the secret door on the northwestern wall.

4) This is the room that holds the forge that you can use to create the flail I talked about earlier. Don't try forging the flail without all the pieces; make sure you have all three heads. There are two more pieces to the flail on the next level. Make a note of this room so that you can find it easily when you do have all the parts to the flail.

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5) Search the lion statue. It has the first flail head and a good ring. Now make your way back to the bedroom that was between areas 2 and 3 on the map.

6) Several Trolls reside in this large room. It is suicide charging in there to get them; it's easier and safer to lure them back into another ambush. Heal and rest when needed, and remember to keep some Acid or Fire spells memorized.

7) This is the front door that leads to the drawbridge room. If you haven't already lowered the drawbridge and taken the four dog meats, then this is where you should go now.

8) Search this room -- and be sure that you search the toilet...

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