World 3 - Caves: Komplettlösung Super Mario Advance


Once entering the pyramid, go down the vase on the left and come back with the POW Block. Drop down the right side. When you land, you'll see tons of Shy Guys. Use the POW Block to get a lot of points.


The three-headed snake basically spits a non-stop barrage of fireballs. However, these fireballs cannot travel through Mushroom Blocks. In that case, stack up a barrier of blocks. Then, super jump over them and chuck the left over blocks at Tryclyde. You may need to use some from your barrier if you run out. Hit him 3 times and he's out of commission.

World 3 - Caves

These stages are A LOT harder than the previous ones. Get ready for a quick change in difficulty, and a lot of bomb throwing and Beezo-dodging.


World 3-1

There aren't really any caves yet, but there are later. This stage actually takes place a lot in the air.



  • 1 It's above the hill with the door at the second screen's start.
  • 2 Drop down the waterfall beside the door and stay on the left.
  • 3 When riding the carpet, there's one in the center.
  • 4 There's another to the left of the vine.
  • 5 Once climbing the vine, use Luigi or Peach to jump left into the door.


  • 1 Jump down the waterfall and into the door. The sixth plant from the right is a Potion. Create a door beside the vase and the egg will fall onto your head.
  • 2 Beside the first Panser in the clouds, get the Potion on the green hill. Create a door on that hill. The egg will appear on the cloud above the hill.


Want to skip World 3 all together? Go into the secret cave (by jumping down the waterfall) and create a door beside the vase. Hop in the vase while in Subspace to warp straight to 5-1!


Once climbing the vine, you can take a shortcut to Birdo (and collect the last Ace Coin) by using Luigi or Peach to make a running jump left. You'll reach a door. Inside, blow up the wall. Get the Ace Coin, then jump atop the two blocks on the left wall. Super jump up-left and run over the hill to get to Birdo.


World 3-2

This one has a lot of underground, bomb action. The start is difficult, due to annoying Beezos, but just keep running!



  • 1 In between the 5th and 6th wooden poles above ground on the 1st screen.
  • 2 Left of the giant POW Block that is covering up a hole.
  • 3 Near the end of the 1st screen, above ground, near the Potion.
  • 4 Once going underground, move as far left as possible to find it.
  • 5 Near the three pillars over pits that lead to a ladder.


  • 1 At the very end of the 1st screen, above ground. Get the Potion from the hill with the Snifit. The egg will drop onto the disposable blocks near the hill. Don't destroy the blocks or you'll lose the egg!
  • 2 At the area where you must time your bomb throwing (like in the 1-1 shortcut to Birdo) to proceed, instead of taking the ladder to Birdo, continue left. The leftmost plant is a bomb. Blow up the disposable blocks on the left side. The rightmost plant is a Potion. The egg will be under the disposable blocks on the left.


There is a lot of bomb usage in the underground area. You'll come to a part where the way out is the bottom level. There are four walls to destroy. Start by using two bombs from the top level to dispose of the first two walls, then use the two bombs from the bottom level to finish the final two. If you do it any other way, you may find it very difficult.


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