Required Stuff to Finish the Game: Komplettlösung Wasteland

Disperse the other three PCs in this manner:

Robot Maintenance (NE Room): Use the Nova Key here.

Security Center (SE Room): Use the Pulsar Key here.

OSHA Room (SW Room): Use the Quasar Key here.

The cubicles will close. Hit Enter to start the self-destruct sequence.

Note: If you get it wrong, just start over with the sequence. What's it gonna do, blow up on ya?

Hit the buttons in the following order, switching back and forth between the appropriate rooms:

NW: Red

SE: Yellow

SW: Green

NE: Blue

NOW GET THE HELL OUTTA THERE! Join up with everyone, get into the escape pod, just north of where you arrived on this level. Head out the front door, and Full Auto anything that gets in your way.



If anyone survives, radio back to base. You'll get a truckload of experience. Not sure what it's good for tho. There's not goig to be a sequel. You can start the game over with the same dudes, but they lose their money and items. Have fun.

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Required Stuff to Finish the Game

Las Vegas Sewers (fix Max to find location of Sleeper Base)

Sleeper Base (get Secpasses)

Project Darwin (get Secpass)

Guardian Citadel (Get weapons)

Savage Village (Find location of Base Cochise)

Base Cochise (Win)

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