Game Guide

Part 1 - Prehistory - In the woods

- take smooth rock

- go clearing (left)

- look tree (- you get a birds egg)

- go clearing (left, behind rocks)

- go rocky ledge (left)

- give egg to guard (guard falls down)

- walk to the left as far as you can - you discover a helmet

- go clearing (right)

- go leafy alcove (up middle)

- pull vine (in the middle of picture) - plant monster eats something

- go overgrowth (left)

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- walk to all three possible locations at the left side of this scene - you find a bowl and a steel glove

- go leafy alcove (right)

- go woodland (right)

- use glove with papyrus plant (middle left of the scene) - you get the papyrus

- use bowl with honey puddle (right under the beehive on the ground) - you get a bowl of honey

- go back to the first scene with the tree stump

- use bowl with tree stump (all bees get stuck in honey)

- look tree stump (- you get a flint stone)

- go clearing (right, the cave entrance)

- use papyrus with cave (you drop the papyrus leaves at the cave entrance)

- use flint with papyrus leaves (you get a fire and the cave opens)

- take creeping vine (in the cave entrance)

- take wooden pole (below and behind leftmost finger of cave entrance)

- go cave

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Part 2 - Prehistory - In the caves

- go alcove (where Ugh makes a stew)

- take torch

- go rocky cache (up middle) - you get a battery

- go cave complex (down)

- use battery with ghetto blaster (-crown falls down)

- take crown

- go cave complex (right)

- give rock to rock-heads (the rock you took in the very beginning)

- use vine with rock-heads (you get a rope down the lava pit)

- go lava pit (down)

- use wooden pole with rock plug (just above your head) - lava monster killed

- go cave complex (left, you swing over the lava, then again left)

- take camera, take mushrooms

- go back to alcove (where Ugh makes his stew)

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- give mushrooms to Ugh (- he falls asleep)

- take sleeping caveman (- you get the alloy key from Ugh)

- go back into lava pit

- go cave complex (right)

- use alloy key with rock door

- go rock door (you enter the room with the time machine)

- use alloy key with time machine

- use gold crown with time machine - you detroy the time machine and you exit the caves

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Part 3 - Prehistory - In the swamps

- go swamp area (right) (ignore the singing imp)

- go swamp area (right)

- go swamp area (right)

- go forest area (up middle-right)

- take tin of beans (on the rocks at your left)

- go forest area (up middle - you arrive at the place with sword in stone )

- go forest area (left)

- use helmet with olive tree (- you get a helmet with oil)

- go forest area (right)

- use helmet with sword in stone (sword loosened)

- take sword

- go forest area (down - where you took the tin)

- go forest area (right, there is a dead dinosaur)

- take strange flowers (very right of the scene)

- look in strange flower (- you get the vulgarus seeds )

- go left

- go swamp area (down)

- go swamp area (right - a witch appears, you flee back to the left)

- go swamp area (again right)

- use sword with witch (she dies)

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Time Paradox

  • Genre: Adventure
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
  • Release: 10/1996

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