Komplettlösung Time Gate

The Church

Now get out of the library and breathe some fresh air in the cloister. Go round and get rid of the guard in front of a door. Go inside and look around you. You are in a church. Look at all the carved pictures on the wall (stations of Christ). When you see the number 7, push the picture. A door will open. Fight the black knight and go up the steps. Use the first weight you find on your left and use it.


The Roof

You are on the roof now and you can use your three diamonds on the tomb. You will be caught but your friend Berwal will come to your rescue.

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The Abbey

As soon as you see the executioneer quickly leave your iron cage and go straight ahead to hide from Montfalcon who is watching you from above. Take everything on the table and use the corn. You are now as impressive looking as your enemy and ready to fight. Go straight to the entrance of the church in the small chapel. Push the Golden cross and go upstairs. Once you are on the roof you have to know that the only way for you to get rid of Montfalcon is to push him and make him fall. Then go back inside and stand in front of the double door where you saw Wolfram. Push the torch on the wall. Go up the steps and use the small wooden cross on the statue.

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Push the small font which has just appeared. Go downstairs through the secret passage now open. In the red basement (Wolfram's lair) avoid the pentacle and search everywhere. Follow meticulously the indications in the book found on the table in the 2nd room. Use the lit torch on the pentacle to make it disappear and use the potion on the closed book held by the statue. A door opens. It will lead you to Juliette at last! Take the seal. Get a rope from a shelf. Use the Rope on the Bucket. Use the bucket and fill it with water (do not fall in the well) and pour the water on Juliette. Run away from the evil creature and go back up the church. Avoid the pentacle and find the big cross next to the stained glass. Push it until you reach the sign on the floor. It will collapse on Wolfram. Juliette is now free and will run towards you with the glove. Place the seal on the glove and use it.


You are now back in 1995. THE END YOU ARE FINISHED!

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Time Gate

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