Komplettlösung Dark Queen of Krynn

3. Normally, characters who are ready to train to the next level have their names highlighted in purple. In some cases this will not happen. This bug effects multi-class characters who have reached the limit in one of their classes but not the other. Periodically check the experience points of your characters or try to train all of them anytime you are in a training hall. The game does not allow any knight other than Knights of the Rose to advance beyond level 18. This is a feature.

4. In Hawkbluff you may be stuck in a situation where you cannot continue to play the game. See the Hawkbluff section for more details. It is a good idea to save the game before Hawkbluff and keep that save until you have completed the mission just in case you encounter this bug. There is a fix for the problem in The Game Publishers Forum (GO GAMPUB).

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5. In the Fire Tower you may find yourself teleported into a room you cannot get out of. The workaround is to reboot and avoid that square.

6. One useful bug is the magic scrolls randomly created by the People's Temple in Kristophan do NOT abide by the alignment restrictions.

7. The previous games did not enforce the spell limits based on intelligence and wisdom correctly. This games does. The correction only happens if a character gets drained and restored. When that happens, the spell limits are properly enforced. This is not a bug but may look like one if this happens to your character.

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Dark Queen of Krynn

Dark Queen of Krynn
  • Genre: Rollenspiel
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
  • Release: 1992

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