Komplettlösung The Dark Heart of Uukrul

The Tome of the Seer

The great mystic Cyqie harnessed his own soul to create the spell which destroyed him. CYQIEKUN shall draw forth flames of the hell in which he is now imprisoned. So perish all who outreach their station. Range: 3 by 3 radius from the caster. Your mirror may scry visions of the future, your globe may show thest, but you are now, and forever slave to the present. The great mystic Cyqie created the spell of ceaseless healing. CYQIETUR shall form a pure blue globe. Those within shall be contiually refreshed and restored. The halls of the greatlace, which once thronged with life, are silent now. Adron, why did you not smite the darkness? But the beacon remains, and the darkness shall be swallowed by its light. One from thest shall return.

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One who is captive shall be freed. One who is once of the light shall be returned to the greatest light. QADIOS is a mighty spell. It forms around those of pure heart the womb of infinity safety. Focus your minds on great things and no harm mayss. The obsidian crystal survives in a solamn artifact. The hammer lies broken, yet it shall break the darkness. Behold the greatest of spells. MUZAQ shall call forth a black trumpet, when the trumpet sounds, the cries of all the damned souls in hell shall burst forth in a maelstorm of oblivion. Effect: wipe out all enemies. The kauri plaque is broken, the waking vision now sleeps. Areth: you will never rule. Behold the mirror that foretells the future. Pray that the dark tower may crumble. Prayer that the vision can be disspelled. The dark heart of Uukrul must be shattered, it has been foretold.


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General hints

At low levels (1-6), therty will not be able to fight very well. If you find that yourrty is taking a lots of punishment, try to let them gain higher level before proceeding. Healing spells and prayers are important, so ensure that you can cast/invoke them. Don't proceed further if you find that you are having little virtue/psychic points but head straight for the nearest sanctuary and rest. When you have reach level 10 or more, only the strongest opponents will be able to hurt you. At this stage, much time is spent solving puzzles rather than fighting. The maximium level possible is 15, at this level, the magician and priest will have all their rings complete and will no longer need to worry about combats. When you find a key in a certain level, it will usually unlock a grate somewhere on that level.

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You will not be allow to drop it before it unlock anything. If your character carry too many keys in his bacck, he might not be able unlock the grate even though he is carrying the correct key. If possible, don't let any character carry too many keys. So it is advisable to store the key in the cache in the sanctuaries after it was used. Resting in higher levels sanctuaries will heal the rty much faster. So, always teleport to the last sanctuary you found before resting. Before you can invoke the prayer TULAR successfully, you will need to buy food rations from the supply shop. Once you have learn to invoke it, rest in sanctuary to reach full virtue points and then go to the altars to invoke it. When travelling long distance, make sure that you have at least 2000 - 5000 units of food.

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If you cannot find a way to open any secret door, try ALTIS, HOYAMOQ or BELAMOQ if possible. This situation usually occurs when you need to speak a certain word to open the door. The words needed is usually the answer to a riddle or a sword found somewhere. Teleporters are only active after you have find it. If you know its name but have never been to it, then you can't go there. Before you can cast the spell REAAM to identify your items. Go to Sagaris and ask him to identify it for you. If the properties of any items is unknown, a visit to Sagaris is usually rewarding. Searching will reveal most secret doors. However, at higher areas, you will need to cast the spell TALIS to reveal secret doors.

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The Dark Heart of Uukrul

The Dark Heart of Uukrul
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