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Except for random marauding bands of orcs and goblins, the next three years were peaceful ones for Arthur; however, Arthur's spies were constantly reporting stories about Pitlag of Paritan. Like Lucinian IV, Pitlag had ambitions to reunite Aragon; however, his ability did not match his ambition. He antagonized the Elves of Tranavan with his logging in their forest. As a result, Arthur was handed an alliance with the Tranavan Elves. Paritan was a major city, so Pitlag commanded more resources than Arthur. Arthur could only prepare for Pitlag's assault. When Arthur heard that Pitlag had attacked Brocada, he rushed there with the Reds and Greens.

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He found the Brocadan militia camped outside Brocada, and offered them his lordship and protection. The Brocadans agreed, and the combined Brocadan and Aladdan forces were able to overthrow the invading Paritans. Arthur decided the loss of a substantial part of Pitlag's army at Brocada had weakened Pitlag to the point where Arthur had a chance to take Paritan. He marched to Paritan, and with the aid of the Tranavan Elves, defeated Pitlag and conquered Paritan; however, Pitlag escaped and played a minor part later in Arthur's life. This minor reappearance was sufficient to make Pitlag the prime villain in Arthurian legend. In reality his role was minor after the fall of Paritan.

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The conquest of Paritan brought Arthur unexpected trouble. Paritan was subject to frequent attacks by goblins. At the same time, monster attacks on Aladda were increasing. In an effort to find the source of the monster attack on Aladda, Arthur led an expedition south since that was where all the monsters seemed to generate. Just outside of Sur Nova, Arthur's timely arrival saved some of the natives from giants. They persuaded the other Sur Novans to welcome Arthur and accept his protection. By conquering Sur Nova, Arthur deprived the monsters of a base that they had used to attack Aladda; however, while Arthur controlled Sur Nova, the monsters controlled the land around it.

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It took Arthur several years to clear the land around Sur Nova. The Demon Mages in the swamps just west of Sur Nova, the Horrids in the Tranavan forest just north of the trail to Gernok, and the Trolls in the mountains to the southeast were especially hard to fight. The Demon Mage and Horrid battles have been the subject of many a ballad as they were the last major battles Arthur and his commanders had to fight.

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It was while searching for the monsters around Sur Nova that Arthur found The Monastery. What happened there is shrouded in mystery. All that is known is that only Arthur was allowed into the monastery, and when he came out, he was smiling. The monks then mysteriously vanished, and even today people are reluctant to enter the ruins of the place. However, it may not have been mere coincidence that Arthur attracted a fair number of clerics to his service shortly thereafter.

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