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Now inscribe your runecaster with the two runes. I suggest you also use the 2x power Meta Rune on both of them as well. Now, head north. You will see a Mana Circle. If you DON'T have my UGE module, this is a great place to build up magic ability. Just blast a wall with firebolts till the 'caster goes dead, then step into the circle-instant recharge! Repeat as necessary. When you're done, head back through the circular stones, out the secret door, and continue east. Head north; waste the two Shargas. Head north, and turn east, then north. Walk through the illusionary wall. Go east to the wall, then south, then take the east passage. Follow it to one past the south turn and face south. Yep, you've been here before.

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Go through the wall, then turn east. Walk to the wall and turn north. Wahooka will talk to you. Keep going north. Walk up to the door, and unlock it with the ivory key. Keep going north, and go through to door to the wonderful world of the Sewers beneath Stonekeep. Joy. Oh yeah, make sure you've got a bunch o'skulls with you. Why? You'll find out.

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8. Be expecting snakes (Snakes - why did it have to be snakes?). Go north, turn west. Slog west, and take your second turn south. Go south till you hit your first right turn. Take it, and slog west, through probably about a gazillion snakes. Go one north at the wall, then keep going west to the wall. Go north to the wall. Turn west again. Go west, and take your first left. Follow that to the wall, and turn right. Follow that passage west, south, west, south (through a slime) to the wall, then west, and south again until Drake screams: OW! My foot! He just kicked a control cylinder. Grab it. Go all the way back to the stairs up and climb back up to the lower ruins of Stonekeep.

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You might want to go visit the fountain to heal up now. Assuming you do, go north from the fountain to the intersection, then turn west. Go to the wall, and turn south. Go to and through the door. Go south to the wall, and turn west. Walk up to that funny looking thing in the wall. Use the cylinder on it. You've just opened a few floodgates below, which you needed to do to get the other cylinder. Go back to the sewer (SHEESH!) and go as follows: North, west, second corridor south, first left, second left (through the now-open floodgate) and proceed south. Turn west, go 1 square, head south. STOP one square before the south wall (there should be a passage on your right). Trust me; you do NOT want to go one more square south.

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Just trust me. Go west, north, take your west turn, to the wall, south to the wall, west one square, and south. Proceed south. When you come to the little room, turn right (west) and deal with the Sharga captain. He's pretty tough. Once you finish him off, go south to the wall. Turn west, and go that way. Waste the two Sharga guards, then turn south. Go to the wall, turn east. Go to the wall, and turn south. Right ahead is the other cylinder. Okay, now then-head back north, west, north, then turn east. Walk down and waste the two Shargas. Go to the wall, and turn south. Go to the wall, and turn east again. Waste the two other Shargas. Go one square south, then march east fourteen squares. Turn north immediately and deal with the Shagras.

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  • Genre: Rollenspiel
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
  • Release: 01.03.1996
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