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Go to Anshar 3, you can get the Exquivans to join you. Go to Janus 8, and revive the Mycon. Find the Daktaklakpak, and trade them for info on the K'tang. Trade them for the missle. Go to Argus 5, and use the missle. The K'tang will join you. Go to Pauguk 4, and get the Ploxis ships. Go to Xipe (time related?), and the the Ploxis rebels and the Sentience Collator. Revive the Ploxis. (Go to Pauguk 4, if you didn't take any ships) Go to Highpoint 1, and jettison the Anti-matter Containment Grid. Be prepared to fight Plexor's Precursor vessel. Wait (at Highpoint?) for the Orz to show up and leave the league. Be prepared to fight them. Wait (at Highpoint?) for the Arilou to show up and talk to you. Wait at Highpoint until the Heralds show up.

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Be prepared to fight them. There are many of them, and are hard to beat. You'll get the Sentience Threasher. Combine the Theasher, the Collator, Notation Device, and Ebon Hinge. Travel to 13 different homeworlds. Come back to Highpoint 1, and use the Sentience device. Congratulations! You've won the game!

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Star Control 3

Star Control 3
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