Komplettlösung Sorcerer

Instead, go North to the Entrance Hall, and then North again to the Glass Arch. You are about to enter the infamous Glass Maze. Getting through it the first time is quite easy; getting out again is quite another matter. There are two ways back, the long and hard way, or the quickand dirty way. If you want to go the easy route, learn Gaspar once and Fweep once, then Gaspar yourself right now. If you want do to it the hard way, learn Fweep three times. Ok, drop everything here, go East into the Maze, and Fweep yourself. Now fly along the following route: North, East, South, South, West, Down, East, East, North, North, Up, Up, South, East and you're now at the Hollow. Here you will find the Swanzp scroll, but you can't do much until Fweep wears off.

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So wait around until you're human again. As soon as you pick up the scroll, the maze layout will change. Oops! Now what? Well, first, drop the scroll down the hole (it's the chimney of the little hut). Now what you do next depends on how you decided to get back out. If you opted for quick and dirty, walk West, West, South, East, and you will fall through the Maze and splatter. However, the Gaspar spell will activate, and your Guardian Angel will restore you to life at the spot the spell was cast, which in this case was the Glass Arch. However, if you want to do it the hard way, then here's how: Fweep yourself, then fly the following route: West, West, South, Down, Down, West, West, Up, Up, North, North, Down, East.

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At about this point, the spell will wear off. Fweep again, and continue: South, East, North, Down, West, South, West, Up, West, and you're back at the Arch again. Again, wait around till the spell wears off, then pick up everything and go to the hut. In the fireplace, you will see the Swanzo scroll. Gnusto the spell, and then take a nap, because by now you're tired again. Awakening refreshed, leave the hut and head on back to the Toll Gate. The Gnome is still here, and still asleep, so now's your chance: search him, and you will find your Zorkmid! All right! Now, keep going West until you come to the Bend, where you head Southwest to the Edge of the Crater, then Down into the crater itself.

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From there, move along South into the North/South tunnel, and the Southwest to the Amusement Park Entrance. Try to go West, and a Gnome will appear and demand a Zorkmid. Give him your coin, and then proceed West into the park. Of all the places here, only one is important: the Arcade. Everything else is pretty much for show. So, keep on West until you reach the end of the Midway, and then go South into the Arcade. Open the Aqua Vial, drink the potion, then drop the vial. You are now dexterous enough to win a prize, so take the ball and throw it at a bunny. Pow! Direct hit! As the bunny goes flying, the hawker will give you a glittering scroll of Malyon. You don't need to Gnusto this one, as it will be used only once, and very soon.

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Now leave the park, and once back in the tunnel, go south and you will bein the Carving Room. One carving looks like a dragon, and that's the one you want. First, Yonk Malyon. Then, learn Malyon. Finally, Malyon Dragon. The souped-up spell brings the Dragon to life! Good thing for you it's not permanent, or you might have been fried to a crisp! In any case, there is now a passage South through the wall. Take that into the Sooty Room. Now you're about to enter the most bizarre part of the game. Open the Orange Vial. Frotz yourself. Go East into the Coal Bin room. There will be a cave-in behind you, so you can't go back now. In addition, you're having some some trouble breathing, so drink the orange potion and drop the vial.

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