Gong Heights: Komplettlösung Rayman

Gong Heights

Music Level 12

- On this level you see the Tibetan Monks for the first time.

- Jump on the clouds above the first Tibetan and a cage will appear near the entrance to the level.

- When you see a series of 4 clouds underneath a group of tings, drop down beneath the clouds to find another cage.

- There are 4 electoon cages on this level. You will not be able to reach one of the cages until you get the power to run, which Betillia the Fairy gives you at the end of Mr. Stone's Peaks.


Music Level 13

- There are two electoon cages on this level.

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Mr. Sax's Hulabaloo

Music Level 14

- There are 6 electoon cages on this level.

- At the far right side of the level, you will see a cage beneath you that's inaccessible for the moment. Take the steps going up which will lead you to another cage.

- After your picture is taken by the photographer, you will begin a long downward slide. Pick up a lot of speed (be careful to duck underneath the notes) and run all the way into the wall on the far right side of the level (you will see some sparkling stars). If you picked up enough speed, a brown maracas will appear upon impact with the wall. Ride it up to another cage.

- You can move from left to right on the cymbals, but when they start to vibrate, move to the middle. It's the only spot to avoid getting squashed.

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- If you grapple all the way up the flying rings next to the exit, you will find a free life.


Music Level 15

- Punch all of the false notes that you see into the hole in Mr. Sax. When you are running away from Mr. Sax, keep punching all of the notes in your path. They will soar backwards and slow Mr. Sax down.


Music Level 16

- Now you have a chance for a one on one with Mr. Sax. When he launches the fat grenade notes at you, jump off the ground. As long as you are in the air, they will have no effect.


Going Back in Band Land

- Once you get the helicopter power at the end of Allegro Presto, go back to Bongo Hills. In the fourth level (the one with the lightning) the helicopter will allow you to grab a flying hook which leads to a cage.

- (There are more going back hints for this level below.)

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Twilight Gulch

Mountain Level 1

- Before grabbing the first flying hook that you see, advance forward a little more and grab the fist for super punching power. You will need this fist to grab the hook.

- Jump to the left of the exit panel at the beginning of this level and fall down. Crawl right, past the rock monster and a cage will appear behind it. Go up and you'll find another cage as well.

- You will see a blue ting hanging above empty space. Jump into the gulf and it will lead you to more tings and a cage.

- There are 6 electoon cages on this level. You will need to get the power to run however, to reach a flying ring and access one of the cages.

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Mountain Level 2

- You can jump over or break the large rocks that block your way. Sometimes they have bonus surprises hidden within them.

- When you find yourself stuck in a narrow cavern with bouncing lava rocks and Mr. Stone walking above, break the rocks and advance to the right. A cloud will appear above. Break the rocks again and go back to the left side of the cavern and climb up. Jump on the cloud that appears to escape.

- Watch out for the hunter at the end of this level. One way to get around him is to jump off the last cloud and grab the ledge instead of landing on the ground directly in front of him. Once the hunter's bullet passes overhead, jump up on the ground and punch him.

- There are no electoon cages on this level.

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