The Hard Rocks: Komplettlösung Rayman

The Hard Rocks

Mountain Level 3

- There is only 1 electoon cage on this level.

- At the beginning of this level, if you crawl in the cavern to the left, then avoid the stone monster and ride the clouds, you will be taken to a power-up and then brought back to the beginning of the level. Once back at the beginning, jump down and to the right into a narrow cavern. It will lead to the only electoon cage on this level. Watch out for a hunter guarding the cage.

- There are two exits to this level. The first one comes after you ride the cloud and avoid a series of blue spikes. If instead of leaving by this exit, however, you walk down the hill and to the left, a cloud will appear taking you to another exit where you will also find an extra life. Be careful though, because once you grab this life, several enemies will suddenly appear.

Mountain Level 4

- Once you avoid the three floating blue spikes on this level, jump down into the following cavern and grab the mini power-up. A cloud will appear next to the third blue spike you that you just avoided which leads to another electoon cage.

- In the next cavern you will encounter a series of moving clouds. On the far right side of this cavern there is another magician and a bonus level with a free life. At the top left side of this cavern you will see a group of tings. If you jump towards them, clouds will appear to make the jump more accessible. Grab the tings and you will see another electoon cage further to the left.

- There are 2 electoon cages on this level.

Mountain Level 5

- The winding caverns in this level can become confusing, but it's important to remember that there is one electoon cage before the photographer and two after him. The two cages after the photographer both appear only after you have followed a certain path in the game. So definitely explore all of the cavern openings you see and follow all of the clouds.

- To avoid falling rocks, hang on the edge of platforms and let them bounce over you.

- At the end of the level (on the bottom right-hand side), fall in a hole following the path of tings. You will end up at the foot of two rock monsters. Get rid of them with a couple of hits to the head. Get the power up on the bottom left and a cloud will appear leading back the way you came to another cage.

- There are 3 electoon cages on this level.

Mr. Stone's Peaks

Mountain Level 6

- Break the rock to free the musician's guitar and he will thank you by giving you a special vial that allows you to fly through a cavern filled with spikes. There are two electoon cages on this level. The first one is in a small cave below the first floating blue spike that you encounter. The second cage is in another cave below the following series of floating blue spikes. There is no real secret to getting past this level other than taking your time past the spikes.

- There is a free life in an alcove just beneath the exit sign.

Mountain Level 7

- Cut the frayed section of the cords with your helicopter hair. Only at this spot can you cut the cords and keep the huge slab of stone from forcing you into the water. It's best to try to cut in an up and down motion, cutting as much as possible in one spot.

- Once you've reached the grass, fly up into the first opening where there is another hidden cage.

- There is only 1 electoon cage on this level.


Mountain Level 8

- On this level you will lose the super helicopter power.

- Once you have passed the first round of rising water and see the giant bonsai, keep going left and a series of clouds will take you to a cage.

- There is only 1 electoon cage on this level.

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