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Step on the green switch and return to the pool room to take the final passage. Follow the passage until you arrive at the top of a massive foyer. Twin stairs lead down on both sides and you can take either one to lead you to the final encounter with the belly dancer. Don't be distracted by her graceful moves - she is very deadly and has over twice the hit points that you do. You will need to use all of your combat experience to defeat her.

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I recommend the sword. If you try to use your knives she will tear you up before you can even scratch her. When she is finally dead you can claim her healing potion then exit through the door. Follow the passage and watch out for the spinning blade trap around the final corner. Run past these blades as they are lowering back into the floor. Enter the door to exit this level and start the very cool cinematic.

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Head across the bridge. Note the green potion on the right - you will be getting it shortly but not from this area. Kill the guard at the far end and take the healing potion he leaves behind. Ignore the switch on the wall (it closes the gate behind you) and continue forward and to the left. You can jump over the railing at the top of the stairs or duck under the slicing blade trap on the banister as you go down them. Run toward the opening at the far end of this passage and the guard will close the gate as you approach. Turn left and climb out onto the window sill and drop to the outer ledge. Turn right and follow the ledge around the corner and kill the guard who shut the gate.

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Turn left and run across the crumbling ledge - grab on and pull up or jump to clear this gap. Move forward until the arches are on your right. Go into the first arch and locate the floor plate and step on it to open the shutters in the back wall. Climb through to the ledge on the other side. To your left is a window high in the wall and to your right is another floor plate to reopen the shutters on your return trip. For now, move left and jump across to the ledge just below the torch-lit terrace with the assassin guard on top. Climb up to the top and kill this guard the run and jump to the walkway on the opposite side. The walkway continue toward a tower then splits in either direction.

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Head right a few steps then face away from the tower and spot the ledge below. Jump to this ledge and enter the door. Turn right and continue up the spiral steps and into the next hall. An opening in the left wall leads out to the deck with the green endurance potion which will increase your total health. Continue up the step and turn right. Drop from the window back to the ledge with the floor plate and step on it to open the shutters and climb through to where you started. Move forward through the arch and jump across the alley to the opposite ledge and pull up. Sidestep to the right and pull up to the upper ledge. You can go to the far right end of this ledge and drop down to get the healing potion if you need it, otherwise just jump through the window in front of you and drop to the floor.

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