Level 3 - Cave - 2 potions: Komplettlösung PoP Warrior Within

Level 3 - Cave - 2 potions

To collect all the potions, DRRRDLRRRRD*LDLLULLULL. If you go right at the * you can find another exit. Alternatively, you can go LLDDR which is much faster, but you get no potions. (Time doesn't matter yet, either)

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Level 4 - More Cave - 1 potion

Time will start now, 75 min. RDRDRLDLDDRRRRRLLLLL. Ok, first tricky bit: getting the potion. This is really very easy once you figure it out. Run onto the pad into the first door. Push right again to edge up to the door. When the door reaches your neck level, jump forward and then immediately take one running step. Drink the potion, turn around and jump, and then push to the left to get out from under the second door. Easy huh? Just keep from leaving gaps between the above moves and it is. I guess all the skeletons that get up after you trigger the door release later might be a problem if you stop to fight them. Don't.

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Level 5 - The Magic Carpet - 1 potion

RRRRRDDDRRRULLURRULLLU - Well, to get the potion, open the first door by standing next to it and jumping three times. Carefully step onto the next screen and then jump over the loose panel. Back up so that you are right next to it, turn around and run jump over and grab the ledge to make it through the door. When going back across on the next level, you won't be able to get through the door in time, but if you cause the ledge below it to fall, it will open again. And this brings us to one of the really hard puzzles to get right on your own: The Skeleton on the Bridge. Luckily it's right after a save point so you get lots of chances. First of all, you can't make it across without getting rid of the skeleton, and you cannot kill it with your sword.

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So - here's the trick. You must run across and stop right before him, and advance into him (hopefully without getting hit too much) so that you exchange places. Then advance (don't give him a chance to run back to the other side) on him until your back foot is just resting on the edge of the second panel (it looks like 4 boards) from the left on the bridge. Hold this position until the bridge collapses, then just press shift to grab the ledge. This isn't too hard once you get the hang of it either. You lose your sword here, so don't loiter around the next skeleton long enough for him to get up.

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Level 6 - Ruins - 1 potion

LLD - (Make sure to jump over the loose panel here, you need it later) LUURDDLUUULDLLDR. The next level is about 1/3 different for each door, but the potions are the same.

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PoP Warrior Within

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