Komplettlösung Prince of Persia 89

Level 6

Straightforward. Beware of the master guard (he is fat) for he will slice you up if you are not good enough. At the end, your shadow will create mischeif once more.


Level 7 *

You start out falling so press the button to grab onto the ledge. Continue onto the right until you reach the ledge with a large whole with another ledge far to the right. Climb down the ledge, fall, and grab onto the ledge. Contine to the right. If you can't continue, go back and fall down another ledge for it will lead you to the same place. When you drink the blue potion, the room will turn purple and you will turn green. Run off to the left and you will float slowly down. DO NOT go into the exit because their is an energy expander just to the right.


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Level 8

Straightforward but very hard. Be quick but be patient for a friend of the princess will help you.


Level 9 *

If you drink the blue potion, your vision will be distorted. To regain normalness, find another blue potion and drink it. Be sure to get the energy expander.


Level 10

You will have to knock out many ceiling and floor blocks.


Level 11 *

Very simple. Be sure to get the energy expander.


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Level 12

The last level. I will not provide you hints because it would truly take the fun out of the game. You must use skill, agility, strength, courage, and trust to get past the level. Your probably stumped on the shadow. Remember, your shadow cannot harm you in anyway. Altough it might seem to, it is really the sword that is harming you. Just push the joystick up and you will put away your sword. Your shadow will mimic you of course. Walk into your shadow and you will become one person again. Your shadow is mearly a reflection of yourself and hence will try mimic you. Then you will need to do a jump of faith to the left.

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Yeah, I know there is nothing there, but trust me. You have to do a running jump and that's the only way to make it. Continue on and you will do battle with your final opponent, Jaffar. Jaffar is an awesome fighter. In order to beat him, you will need to use the block-strike technique. Also be careful of the fallen board behind you. Enter the final door and run to the princess.

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Prince of Persia 89

Prince of Persia (1989)
  • Genre: Jump & Run
  • Plattformen: PC
  • Publisher: n/a
  • Release: 1989
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