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From the neural interface in the genesis zone go to the Zeppelin platform. Click on connector to interface with the Zeppelin, click on inv. in your PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), select diagnostics tool. Click on run, after Zeppelin has gone through its testing. Click on mail, scroll to find some e-mail, you will be given a password so you can access the global communication network (GCN from now on), from the central pillar on any of the four platforms (Zeppelin, Grommet, Vulcan, Atlantis).

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Logon to the GCN, using your password, look to the left find moving icon (like a p or q), click on it, click on the search item, get enhanced diagnostics tool in your PDA, join the two parts to make a better diagnostic tool, click on the Cycorp icon, exit, logoff. Find the large T.V. screen, press play, watch all of the video. You will now have 2 tapes in your PDA, one you've just seen one you haven't yet, so play it. This next procedure applies to all four of the transports in the Central Dome, I explain in detail here, from then on I'll just say use the ??? (Vulcan, etc. which ever one is necessary).

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Connect to the Zeppelin, click on inv., select diagnostics tool, click run. Picture of ship appears, click begin, when door opens click break, then ship click begin, when docking mechanism releases, click break, click ship click begin, when engine starts, click break, click ship. This will store the starting procedure in memory, next time you use this ship you wont have to go through all this, but you will have to for the other three ships when you get to them. Enter Zeppelin, turn left, click forward, click on button, click button again, watch animation (you can press Esc key to jump animations), go out of zeppalin to wards dome, turn left, click forwards twice, turn right to door, click button to open door, enter Central Design Hub.

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Disciples are on the other side of the lake (don't cross yet they wont let you pass), turn left, click forwards three times, green Auricle on your right, connect select Walter's tape to the disciples, click run, watch animation, you've now got Zell's database. Go back to door, turn left, click button - bridge opens. Cross lake, turn right, click forwards three times (second Atlantis ship on your right, this one doesn't need starting), turn left, click forwards, press button, enter. Watch animation (you can press escape key to by pass these if you want), go down stairs to Design laboratory. Log on to Terminal DL-01 on your right, diagnose fault, get three bits with red crosses into your PDA, go to terminal DL-02, run diagnostics, swap bits you've got with good bits (no crosses).

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Back to DL-01 terminal, run diagnostics replace the bits you've now got, reset terminal, which is now operational, click on moving icon to your right and up a bit, box opens, get a radix into you're PDA, select radix click on run, when the computer's finished it's bit, turn around, click forwards, connect to the Holographic Simulation Pod, click on inv., select cygote, click run, your told about missing lexicon, leave lab. Use the second Atlantis to go to the Manufacturing Facility. Leave Atlantis turn left, click forwards twice to door, press button, watch animation, press button again, set up symbols as shown below.

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