Komplettlösung Mirage - Casino

That's bizzare. There are 3 exits here. The left door leads you to study, the middle door to Jail and the right door to Pool Room. Take the right door to enter the Pool Room.


The Pool Room

There 5 chutes with 5 images here. Take the 3rd one from the top (the middle one). You'll arrive at Fu's Den.


Fu's Den

You'll see an insect flying around. Put it in Fu's nose. Gotcha! Click on the letter and the dragons for mirages. Then enter the door with ankh symbol. Look at the money. Then burn Fu's room with matches on the floor. Kaboooom! After you finish your job, close the ankh door by clicking on the little tin dragon in front of the door. Go to left door. Click at the woman image on the wall. To leave this room, simply click on the door and enter.

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Great Hills

Click on the pulsating rock then click on the bottom right corner sand to reveal the toilet. Open it then flush. You'll see an image and you'll be in the great hall. From here you must find a way back to jail.


The Great Hall

You can leave this room with 2 ways. Go to the upper door or open the book. The quickest way is open the book and you'll be at the Mirage Desert. Click on the center sand to reveal a hole. Enter it exactly when it is closed to start a journey to Fort Ripple Mirage. After experiencing the mirage, click again on the sand to reveal a door. Enter it and take a journey to Mirage Hotel.

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Mirage Hotel

Click on the spinning pig to make it stop. Enter the door. To finish the game just open the center door. You can explore around the room, but if you do that, the route behind the door will change. So save it first if you want to look around. The trips end up in a dark room.


Dark Room

Almost finish. Open either the 2 doors will reveal a secret door located near the bottom of the screen (the black one). Open it, then go down to VR Room. From here just follow my clue back to jail (via Saloon, Bordello and Jail). But don't waste your bullets at the saloon this time.

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Now you can climb up the ladder and rescue Jenny. Watch the game ending sequence!



You can find another path beside it, but this is the shortest path. If you do that, you'll find another mirages and places.

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Mirage - Casino

Mirage - Casino
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