Chapter 2: Komplettlösung KGB

Go to apartment 6 and speak with Systenko and ask about his meat market. He lets you in and tells about how he was being blackmailed. He tells about Chevchenkova in apartment 8 and her cats and the bad guys that use her apartment. Go to hall and watch Chevchenkova leave to feed cats. Use lock pick tools to enter apartment 8. Look in drawer and find white paper and picture of some KGB. Then enter door on right. Discover assurance portfolio with pictures of your parent's car in the TV. Try the video tape that you bought in the EPC in the VCR (boring movie). Find other video tapes in the drawer and try them in the VCR (snuff movie). Find the Polaroid camera. Eventually get caught by 4 guys and wind up in a room where they threaten you.

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Find out that one of them is Hollywood and Romeo tells that he has seen you tonight. Rita comes in to the room; don't tell her anything. Mickey Duck comes in and tries to kill Rita. Try to protect her. Verto lets her out. Mickey Duck and you talk but he doesn't trust you. Listen at the door and hear that Rita wants cocaine. Verto says that he doesn't have it. Find the bug on the table, destroy it, and show it to Mickey Duck. Look at the alarm above the door and Mickey wants to hot wire it to cause a distraction. Say it must be for the meat locker and to go ahead. Verto gets excited and leaves. Call Rita, help Rita, say you will get coke for Rita. When Rita lets you out of room, attack Rita. Take all the stuff. Hide behind door.

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Fight Verto when he comes in. Take his stuff. Find Polaroid camera. Find white and blue papers. Use camera on blue and white papers, keep photos. View videos, if not already seen. Return blue and white papers and videos. Leave apartment. See codes on photos of papers (should say Leningrad Aug 16 3pm Ladoga Park). Return to Dept. P. Answer Volvov's questions. Get new assignment from Galushkin. Say you will to Leningrad, Ladoga Park, Aug 16 - 3;00 PM. Get equipment from Guzenko.

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Chapter 2

Look at phone in hotel room. Read mission instructions and personnel files. Go to bathroom, but answer phone when it rings. Say no and get another phone number (37452) from caller. Enter bathroom. Look above mirror, take paper. Look at paper and decode message using Boris and 37452.











Go to your bedroom. Switch light off and on 3 times. Use phone; call 37452. Leave everything in room except rubles and ID. Go to room across hall and look at phone # 37493. Go to dept 7.

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Show ID to desk guard. Say that you are expected in Dept 7 by Kusnetsov. Give pass to guards. Go to Kusnetsov's office and listen to him. Go to Agabekov's office and wait till he is ready to talk. Smell cigar odour. Look at both phones. Ask questions of Agabekov. Leave Agabekov's office and go to Drobnitsa's office. Ask him questions and look at phones. Leave his office and go to Chapkin's office. Look at phones. Call Agabekov and get him to meet you outside in 3 minutes (say you are Yakovlev). Go to Agabekov's office and look in trash can at cigar (take it). Go back to your hotel room. Take headphones, listening device, microphone, and camera. Go to Ladoga Park before 3:00 PM. Go to left and hide behind tree.

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