Day 3 Night: Komplettlösung Harvester

Day 3 Night

Goals: Get the clothes from the fire station.

Go to the fire station. Enter. Give the meat to dog. Open the blanket on the table. Hey, that's the man model. What he's doing here in the middle of the night? He's another nutcase in Harvest. Talk to him. Answer yes, and he'll give you a clue about the clothes hiding place. Turn on the lamp switch. Use ladder with the left light glass to get the clothes. Go out. It should end the day.

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Day 4 Morning

Goals: Find the tools for breaking the barbershop.

Get the newspaper. Give it to Jimmy outside. This become an annoying habit. Go to the store. Pay Mr. Phelps some money. Pick up the wrench and the ducktape from the shelves. Visit Pottsdam residence. Talk to Mr. Pottsdam. Go up to Stephanie. Talk to her. And if you answer yes to her offering of making love, you'll get a nice love scene with a pervert peeping from the bathroom (that's his oldman, that dirty oldman!). Talk to her again about the stealing or just lie to her. Report the stealing to the lodge. This end up day 4 morning.

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Day 4 Night

Goals: Steal the Pastorelli's barberlamp.

Use the ducktape on the door. Break the door using the fireaxe. Enter the barber. Turn off the lights with the right switch on the wall. Use the screwdriver from Edna's to open the barberlamp. Gotcha! Go out. End of day 4.

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Day 5 Morning

Goals: Find tools to set fire at Edna's Diner.

Take to your mother about the bake sale. Get the newspaper and give it to Jimmy. Report the stealing to the Lodge. Heard that Pastorelli is dead. Receive the next assignment. Go to barbershop. Talk to Swell. Poor Pastorelli's, electrecuted to dead. Talk about it with Stephanie at Pottsdam residence (or just prever lie to her, it's your choice!). Talk around to the other people in town about the late incident. Go to mortuary. Enter the chapel. Look at the casket. Open it. Take a picture of it with your camera. Enter the morgue. Talk to Moynahan about the corpse. Try to pick up the glue. Agree with his offering. Receive the glue. That should wrap up day 5 morning.

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Day 5 Night

Goals: Burn down Edna's Diner.

Go to the school. Enter the hall. Talk to PTA mom, then go out. Someone will shout about the fire at TV station. Go there. Look Boyle walk in a hurry. Go to Edna's diner. Use ducktape on glassdoor. Use axe to break it. Enter. Get the cake cover. Use glue with the cover. Use the cover with the smoke alarm on the ceiling. Then turn on the stove. Use matches to lit it up. Run like hell to outside or you'll be burnt. That's the end of day 5.

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