Level 3: Komplettlösung Harvester

Level 3

Goals: Find and release Stephanie. Destroy the brotherhood.

It's killing time. You should pass this level if you kill everyone. First, see that fatso eating the burger. Operate the burger and he'll get mad. Kill him. Then kill the guard too with your nailgun. Enter the door. Welcome to the temple of motherly love. Look at the children. They're eating their mom. Uuugh, sick scene. Kill them all. Next things to do are just kill all the people you meet. Then you'll see the leader. It was the principal. Then you'll be given 2 different endings, but both are sick!

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If you marry Stephanie, the you'll live happily ever after in Harvest. But dead in the real world. If you kill Stephanie, then you become a serial killer. So, just choose as you wish. And the ending scene, both are bloody.

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