Part 6 - The First Temple: Komplettlösung Daemonsgate

Gather gossip about an alleged affair between Francisca Whiplash and the mayor of the town. Confront the mayor with the information (you may have to talk to him a few times, and/or talk to his wife). He will give you the key to the mine. Go to one of the warehouses near the mines, and retrieve one lubricant and one lead weight. You can get the weights in the mayor's office too. Enter the mines, go down to the third level (use the lift) of the mines, and in the eastern part, you will find Yelda through an illusionary wall (it is kind of obvious, though). Your way will be blocked by a rusty door. In the inventory screen, use the lead weight and the lubricant on it. Go through and explore till you find a book called Translation Notes .

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Therein, you will be told that the first temple of the Matrix Configuration is on the island of Scaeth. Go to Pestur's Wake (Pestur's Wake is on the eastern coast, in the north).

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Part 6 - The First Temple

Once you go into Pestur's Wake, you should be met by a messenger from Councillor Pestur. He will want you to meet him in a Broone's Bane inn. Go there, and follow the messenger to Pestur. Ask the councillor about Scaeth. He will tell you that he wants you to do a mission for him, and rescue a lost diplomat - Hans Middlethorn. He will tell you about the situation in Essam (on Scaeth) and how he intends to restore order by completing the Wheel of Essam (which is in fact the Matrix Tablet - a device needed to activate the temple) a piece of which is held by each of the three main gangs on Essam. He will now provide you with a piece of the Wheel of Essam (which is actually fake) and transportation to Scaeth.

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You will also be told that the diplomat was last in Hotel Essam. Take the ship, go to Essam. Find Hotel Essam (North of the central market), inquire about Hans Middlethorn, you will be told that he went for a meeting in Spiting Camel inn (which is by the southern docks). Go there ask about him, and you will be told he met with Gray Stalkers, but was captured by someone else. Now, go to the Gray Stalkers headquarters, and ask about him. They will tell you he was captured by the Assassins Guild. Go to the Silver Garrote, and ask the proprietor about Hans. Pay for his release. Go upstairs talk to Hans. He will meet you at Gray Stalkers HQ. Go there, and you will be given 3 letters to be taken to leaders of the other 3 gangs.

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Use the underground tunnels beneath the Gray Stalkers HQ to visit the other gangs HQ. Give the letters to the messengers (the people that talk to you) and make sure you stick around till they tell you that the message will be received. Once all 3 are delivered go back to Hans, and he will to meet the leaders at the city graveyard. Go there, find the leaders (in the north part of the graveyard) they will attack you. Kill them, and collect their 3 pieces of the tablet (Hans will offer to join you now, let him in if you want). Now walk around and ask around about the Wheel of Essam until someone mentions that the leader of Silver Talons lost a piece. Ask about Silver Talons, and make sure that you get the name Joolz the Blade before you leave Essam.

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