Komplettlösung Bureaucracy

Go into the Trophy Room. It's a good idea tosave the game first because the old woman shoots. Make a fast exit. Go to the front door of the mansion and ring the bell, then beat feet to the back door. Return to the Trophy Room, grab the painting of Ronald Reagan and exit. Show the painting to the macaw then take the mail from under the perch. Notice the Postal Service sticker. Go to the llama farm. Open the bag of llama treats. Push the bag through the mailbox so that it falls into the trough. While the llama is eating the treats, take the mail from the trough. Notice the Postal Service sticker. Try to enter the farmhouse. The door won't budge. You must go away and return later. Go south to the gate. There's an intercom at the gate.

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It will crackle to life and a voice will say: Unfortunately, there's a radio connected to my brain. Could thisbe a password? Go back to the farmhouse. A heavily armed man resembling Woody Allen will appear in the doorway. He is rather dazed - not sure where he is or who you are. Say: Unfortunately, there's a radio connected to my brain. He will respond with: Actually, it's the BBC controlling us from London. You can try more conversation or merely wait for him to leave. Return to the gate. Again, the voice over the intercom will say: Unfortunately, there's a radio connected to my brain. You must say: Actually, it's the BBC controlling us from London. The gate will open. Enter the Foyer. You'll meet the paranoid owner of the house and discover the armed man is here also.

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The paranoid householder suspects you are an imposter so he will ask you a series of questions. To answer correctly, you must refer to the Popular Paranoia magazine which is included in your game package. One wrong answer and you're dead. Answer them all correctly and you'll find yourself in a gaol cell in the basement of the paranoid's house. Examine the gaol door. Try cutting the molybdenum bars with the hacksaw. The armed man will give you the Swiss army knife. Examination of the knife will reveal a button marked POWER SAW and a lever marked GENERATOR. Push the button then pull the lever. Examine both the saw and the generator. Take the power saw and plug it into the generator. Get on the generator (it resembles a bicycle) and start pedaling.

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Oops! You can't reach the bars while sitting on the generator, so give the power saw to the armed man. He'll cut the door open for you. It's best to stall around in the Basement allowing the armed man to go up the stairs before you. The paranoid man and the armed man will depart. You'll see some mail in the foyer. Don't be surprised if you can't pick up the money order which you want so badly. Take the envelope. The envelope contains a memo and a cheque. The check is drawn on the Fillmore Fiduciary Trust in the amount of -$75.00. Yes, that's a minus sign. Go to the bank. Get a withdrawal slip. Fill it out then take it to the Deposit window. Give the cheque and the withdrawal slip to the teller.

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You are depositing -$75.00 using a withdrawal slip which is the negative of a deposit slip, negative -$75 is $75. Makes perfect sense. Then go back to the withdrawal window. Fill out another withdrawal slip and withdraw $75.00. Now that you have money, you might want to return to the restaurant to pay your bill. You are ready to go to the Airport. Call Getlost Airport Cab (number listed in your Address Book). Wait for the taxi. Oh, the Airport is a fun place! Since you have an Omnia Gallia ticket, you should go directly to the Omnia Gallia desk. Alas, Omnia Gallia has been sold. For further information you must go to the Air Galagasa desk. How do you find it? Well, the way that worked for me was going back to the airport entrance, then going through Lost and Found.

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