Part Three: Komplettlösung Big Red Adventure

Method Two

(Although this is much the same as method one, there are some differences along the way, so read on to find out more.) Go inside the Inn and pick up the jug, give it to the landlord to receive some water. Examine the wine list and talk to the innkeeper about wine. Buy the goldengrape and, when he disappears, take all the items off the walls. Now head for the drugstore opposite the circus in Circus Square. Go over to the shelves and purchase a can of beans and eat them. This will make Dino feel lively so go into the circus and enter the weightlifting competition as described in method one to win 100 Rouble dollars.

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Now go to the Drugstore and purchase a casket of rum. Next, go back to Circus Square and enter Zelda's cabin and talk to her about your future. Madam Zelda will tell you that she visualises a land scorched by the sun, a man on a horse and hidden treasure. She will continue to see two strangers named Alex and Kos, your future depends on them. Zelda will now leave the room, so take the opportunity to examine the headache potion and combine the ingredients together. Give the headache potion to the drunk. Now talk to the drunk and ask him about his box. It will turn out that it contains sunflower seeds and the drunk would be willing to swap his box for a cask of rum. Swap the rum for the box, pick up the box and open it.

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You will find it full of seeds. Take the seeds to the parrot in Zelda's caravan and then take the parrot along with you. Proceed to the Inn and reunite the parrot with the old sea dog and then go to the sword-swallower and talk to him. When he swallows his sword, pick up another from the front of the stall. Now go to the crossroads and head to the lake. Pick up all the items from the snowman and use the sword on the ice. Combine the broom and the pendant and use it in the hole. You will now catch a fish, so take it back to the wharf and show it to the cat. Then take the cat into the Inn and show it to the dog. Now you can grab another sword and combine the swords with the box to make a sledge.

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Go to the frozen lake again and sledge across it to reach Zerograd. You will eventually arrive at the train station in the centre of town. Pick up the poster on the wall and then go into the luggage office and show the poster to the ape. This will make the ape throw a banana at you. Pick up the banana and then talk to Miss Molatova's bodyguard back on the platform. The bodyguard will be extremely rude, so eat the banana allowing the skin to drop to the floor and then talk to Miss Molatova. The bodyguard will then try to hit you but he'll slip on the banana skin. The bodyguard will break his leg, leaving a vacancy that you can step into by talking to Miss Molatova. She will ask you to escort her to Venice and you will now be able to get on board the train.

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Part Three

At The Bolshoi

The third character is Donna Fatale, the star of the Russian Bolshoi. After her performance she will be back at her dressing room when there is a knock at the door. In comes a man who introduces himself as RJ, the richest landowner in Georgia. He will then tell Donna that he is passing through as he is travelling to Venice on the Orient Express but he simply had to see the performance. RJ will then ask Donna to accompany him to Venice and she will accept.

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