Komplettlösung Sheep, Dog 'n' Wolf

Level 1

Ansicht vergrössern!
  • Cross the white line to join Daffy Duck and start the walkthrough
  • Learning how to move the camera (R2 and L2 buttons)
  • Learning to use the subjective view ('triangle' button)
  • Learning to jump ('square' button)
  • Learning to jump higher ('square' button)
  • Learning to race (press 'circle' button successively). Be careful and don't fall for the 'wrong way' trap…
  • Get the rocket out of the mailbox
  • Learning to fly ('circle' button for booster)
  • Take the sheep and go to the Goal

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Level 2

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  • Before crossing the bridge, take the dynamite out of the 1st mailbox
  • Cross the bridge
  • Talk with Porky Pig
  • While walking along the wall behind Sam, catch the sheep next to him
  • Go back to see Porky Pig
  • Pick up the lettuces
  • Drop lettuces at regular intervals along the bridge to get the sheep to cross it
  • Once across the bridge, blow up the pile of rocks with the dynamite
  • Put the sheep in the Goal

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Level 3

Ansicht vergrössern!
  • Push the huge rock that blocks the way to the starting point
  • Get the fan in the mailbox located at the starting point
  • When leaving the cave, take the bush that is on the left as you exit
  • Hide inside the bush while crossing through Sam's area
  • Climb on the platforms to collect the lettuces and the bottle of perfume from the mailbox.
  • Use the perfume and the fan to draw the sheep out of Sam's area.
  • Make a trail of lettuce to lead the sheep onto the mobile platform, then onto the seesaw once the platform is raised Put the sheep on the mobile platform and get on the switch to raise it
  • Once the sheep is correctly in place on the seesaw, all you have to do is push the huge rock onto it in order to launch the sheep into the Goal
  • Join the sheep in the Goal

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Level 4

Ansicht vergrössern!
  • Open the mailbox
  • Push the rock so as to free the objects on the seesaw
  • Collect the rocket and the dynamite
  • Use the rocket to cross the precipice and reach the platform on the other side
  • Catch the sheep by holding a lettuce, and hide among the rocks (R1 button) so that Sam does not see you
  • Collect the lettuces
  • Put one lettuce next to the switch closest to the seesaw for the sheep to eat, then stand next to the switch
  • Stand on the mobile platform commanded by the switch; the platform will rise once the sheep is on the switch
  • Collect the elastic that is in the 2nd mailbox by using the seesaw
  • Attach the elastic to the two trees along the edge of the precipice
  • Put the sheep in front of the elastic
  • Stretch the elastic and then let it go to launch the sheep
  • Launch yourself towards the starting point
  • Grab the sheep and put it in the Goal

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Level 5

Ansicht vergrössern!
  • Collect the magic flute without waking the bull (R1 button) by walking between the piles of leaves (the flute is in the 1st mailbox)
  • Go to the other end of the river
  • Take the bush in order to cross Sam's area without being noticed
  • Once through this area, climb all the platforms in order to reach the mailbox
  • Collect the fan that starts operating once it is out of the mailbox
  • Using the magic flute, draw Sam towards the switch that will make the huge rock fall, knocking him out
  • While Sam is unconscious, collect a sheep and return to the river bank
  • Climb on the raft with the sheep, and use the fan to drive it towards the starting point
  • Once on the other side of the river, all you have to do is put the sheep in the Goal

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Sheep, Dog 'n' Wolf

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