8. Chess: Komplettlösung Haven - Call of the King

7 - 2. Find the Mountain

Follow the yellow arrow to reach your first target. Destroy all the flaks. Then destroy some of the fighters. Pick up the items they loose. You need plasma-rockets (big, green rockets displayed on the screen). Now shoot the big shield generator marked on the map. After several hits it should explode. Repeat this three more times and this mission will end.

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7 - 3. The Mountain Base

Enter the quad to the right and cross the bridge. You will find the five CUBWHEELS on your radar (blue spots). You have to collect all five of them without falling down. Good luck, you will need some tries in order to achieve this.

Once this is done drive to the big green spot on your map.

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7 - 4. Security Breach

Okay, you will either love or hate this level. You remember the arena on the Island of Heroes? This is nearby the same.

Let's go. First load up the energy cells ahead of you. Use your shield energy, collect some more of it. Load it completely up and use the device. You will be in this big ball. Roll to a big monster and hit it. Defeat it by shooting at it until it falls down and looses a FEATHER.

One piece of advice: DON'T EVER SHOOT THE DEVICE YOU JUST POWERED UP! This could cause serious trouble!

Of course, get rid of the monsters around you sometimes. Some of them loose hearts, they should keep you alive.

Kill all five big monsters that way, collect all FEATHERS.

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But don't use them by now! You want to get all the KEYS, don't you? You will find five burning barrels in the arena. Return to the entrance. In a barrel you will find the shield dragon. Take it to the three burning barrels (one is at the inside wall, two are at the outside wall) - 3 KEYS.

Return to the entrance. Walk a little to the right and you will be able to jump into the ledge. Here you find the gong (DON'T USE IT NOW!) and a burning barrel containing KEY 4.

A little left of the entrance there is another ledge containing a burning barrel with KEY 5 and the LOCKED BARREL. Open it and pick up the final RUNESTONE! Yessss, got em all!

Ring the gong now to end this level.

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8. Chess

8 - 1. Shield Disruption

This level is very easy if you know what to do. You see the six blue energy beams? Where they begin, there are rings. Fly through all six rings and you will destroy the shield.

Once the shield is down fly to your space ship and land on the marked spot. You don't know how to land? Simply use the X-button to slow down. Then carefully land. It is not that hard, luckily.

Finally, destroy all ships which are approaching. This should be easy as well.

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