Sesamstrasse - Monster: Xbox Live Erfolge

Xbox Live Erfolge der englischen Version

von: OllyHart / 31.10.2011 um 16:38

Erfolg Gamerscore Beschreibung
Our Story Begins 15 Play through the tutorial!
Nothin's Gonna Stop Us Now 35 Run through the Electric Jungle without hitting any obstacles!
Fine Leather Jackets 15 Dress up a monster in Seamus's Fashion Grotto!
Fruit Fly 20 Collect 110 pieces of fruit from the Tree of Plenty!
Happy Birthday! 10 Help Marco blow out his birthday candles!
Party Time 25 Throw a birthday party for Marco!
Real Trashy 15 Throw trash into Oscar's trash can!
Weed Whacker 20 Pull up 50 weeds in Shelby's garden!
Seed Sprouter 10 Plant a seed and water it to grow a little sprout!
Fastest Florist 35 Tune a set of flowers in 17 seconds or less!
Green Thumb 25 Help rebuild Shelby's garden!
Imperial Style 20 Send Seamus onstage in three different emperor outfits!
Make Some Noise 15 Give the dramatic flower chorus something to say!
It's Really a Super Food 10 Perform the broccoli pose!
Standing Ovation 35 Perform every pose in Seamus's play!
Acting Coach 25 Help Seamus put on his play!
Grrhoof Groomer 10 Pull a stick off of Grrhoof!
Puffalope Petter 15 Make friends with a Puffalope!
Stuffalope 20 Feed 50 biscuits to the Puffalopes!
Grrhoof Be Nimble 35 Keep your balance, and don't fall in the mud!
Love Them and Pet Them 25 Help Grrhoof make friends with the Puffalopes!
Gotcha! 10 Catch a Doo-Ray while parachuting!
Parachute Power 35 Reach the bottom of the Tree of Plenty without hitting more than three obstacles!
Muddy Monsters 20 Wash off the Doo-Rays 10 times!
Grand Marshal 15 March in the parade with Tallulah and the Doo-Rays!
76 Trombones 25 Help reunite Tallulah and the Doo-Rays!
Right Said Sled 35 Go through every wind gust on the sledding run!
Give 'Em the Brushoff 15 Dust the snow off of all the monsters!
And Then There Was A... 20 Narrate Ramona's story two or more times!
Stalefish McCookie 10 Do a trick on the sled!
Storyteller 25 Tell stories with Ramona!
The End 100 Play through every chapter in the book!
Again! Again! 30 After playing through the whole book, play through any page again!
Monster Helper 35 Play through every page in the book three times or more!
Two's Company 35 Play through any page with two players!
Jazz Hands 35 Play through every dance page in the book with two players!
Twinkle, Twinkle 15 Collect 5 stars!
Starstruck 20 Collect 25 stars!
Advancing with the Stars 20 Collect 50 stars!
Luminous Balls of Plasma 25 Collect 75 stars!
Milky Way 40 Collect all the stars!

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Sesamstrasse - Monster

Sesamstrasse - Es war einmal ein Monster spieletipps meint: Einfach, lustig, putzig - das Kinect-Bilderbuch entführt die Jüngsten in eine bunte Welt voller simpler Aktivitäten. Artikel lesen

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