Mega Run: Erfolge


von: pascal711 / 14.06.2012 um 16:40

Erfolg Bedingung
Fire at Will Burn 400 baddies with the Blazo
A Tall Order Pop 150 Gretchs
Surptisingly Enormous Sack of Coins Collect 100 000 Coins
Honey I Blew up the Coin Grab the Big Coin 101 times
Ice to see you Freeze 400 baddies with the Freezo
I'ts Highschool All over Again pop 250 purple Nurples
Impressively Large Sack of Coins collect 50 000 Coins
Learn to Run before you ... Run More? Reach Level 50
Pop!Pop! Pop 1000 Balloons
Seeing Stars Earn all 3 Stars on 8 Stages
Sparkle,Sparkle! Earn all 3 stars and collect all of gems on 16 Stages
A Perfectly Cromunlent Task Smash 250 Blocks with the Embigganator
Whatever I Finds,I Kepps Collect more than 500 coins in one run
By the power of Mega Run... Unlock a Secons Tier power up in the store
Da BabDee Pop 500 Bloohoos
Paul, John, George and Ringo Collect one of each Star
Learn to walk before you run Reach Levl 25
Oldie but a Goodie Get a Lifetime Score of 1 000 000
Frozen Assets Free the Big Coin with the Freeze-O-Matic
Sack of Coins Collect10 000 Coins
It's a me ! Pop 999 Baddies
peek-a-Boom! Run into the Bombole 50 Times
Three's a Crowed;Four's ... Double Company Pop 4 baddies in a row
Luftballons Pop 99 red Ballons
Learn to Crawl before you Walk Reack Level 10
2-for-1 Pop 100 Trippers & Blobulas
Conscientious Objector Finish a Stage without harming a baddie
Narcissism Pick up only magnets in a stage
I HAVE... Unlock a Third Tier power up in the Store
THE POWER! Unlock a Fourth Tier Power up in the Store
Stand-In Finish a Stage without using Redford

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Mega Run

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