Leisure Suit Larry 3: Antworten auf die Ab-18-Fragen

Antworten auf die Ab-18-Fragen

von: thorsten / 02.08.2001 um 18:06

Frage Antwort
A balloon mortgage is C
A Bar Mitzvah is a B
Abbie Hoffman wrote D
According to men, women think foreplay should last D
A "condominium" is C
Acupuncture is D
"All Along the Watchtower" is a B
An abacus is B
Analgesics are used to A
An ameurysm is C
An oil glut is D
A philanthropist is A
A philatelist is D
Are you a kid? C
ARVN stands for the B
Artificial insemination is the C
Artificial intelligence is A
"Ask any mermaid you happen to see," B
A square rout is a A
A W-4 is B
"Brown vs Board of Education" concerned B
Canasta is C
"Candy is dandy, but" D
Cat Stevens is C
Charles Dickens wrote B
Comedians often play in C
Eleven inches is D
Henry "Hank" Aaron is best known for A
How many virgin cheerleaders are there? D
I am easily offended by D
If someone called you a thespian, he would probably be A
If "the rabbit died", what really happened is B
If the could just stay little until ____ wear out. A
If you inhaled Agent Orange you were probably A
In 1979, the Vice-President of the U.S. was nicknamed B
In 1980, Americans supported the Iranian hostages by D
In the 60's television show, U.N.C.L.E. stood for B
In the mid-70's, you had the "dry look" if you B
In the Spanish Civil War, the Fascists defeated the C
In "The Wizard of Oz", Dorothy's last name was B
Jack Benny's chauffer was C
Josephine the D
Krakatoa is actually ____ of Java. A
Lizzy Bordon gave her mother D
"LSD" is B
Macadamia nuts are D
Mace is A
Marijuana has never been called D
Mikhail Baryshnikov is famouse for? D
Muhammad Ali was known for D
Muhammad Ali was originally known as A
Pearl Harbor is best known for C
People discussing arms control are B
Pesticide is C
Ronald Reagan was never a B
Senile people D
Social Security is D
Someone interested in animal husbandry D
Spiro Agnew was C "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" is C
"The Andy Griffith Show" was a spinoff of D
The author of this game likes to wear his hair D
The Big Bang is C
The "Domino Theory" refers to B
The Electoral College is D
The fastest speed you would reach if you jumped off a 40-story building is D
The five Marx brothers were Groucho, Harpo, Chico, ... B
The Gestapo was a C
The Mason-Dixon Line is a C
"The Munster's" pet dragon was called A
"The Naked Lunch" is D
The phrase "Cutting the cheese" refers to D
The Presideny of General Ford is remembered for D
The rythm method is B
The term "Baby Boom" refers to the C
The Trilateral Commission is B
The U.S. Vice-President elected in 1988 was D
The "Women's Suffrage" movement was run by A
To impress your date, you should C
Two famous sex researchers were B
Vertigo is D
Watergate is A
What band was Paul McCartney in before Wings? B
What can you get in a "red light" district? A
What is a "Brainfour?" A
What is interface protocol? C
What occurred at the Bay of Pigs? B
What TV show featured on appearance by Richard Nixon? C
What was the first TV show with the sound of a flushing toilet? D
Which of the following does not belong? C
Which of the following is not a film by Woody Allen? A
Which of the following was NOT a carbonated drink? A
Which was not a '60s rock group? D
Which was not a Beatles song? C
Who died in "Love Story?" A
Who fought the Battle of the Bulge? C
Who had a rabbit and a talking grandfather clock? A
Who many virgin cheerleaders are there D
Who never won the Nobel Peace Prize C
Who played Petty Duke's cousin on "The Patty Duke Show?" A
Who should be on top, the male or the female? D
Who threw the overalls in Mrs. Murphy's D
Your abdomen is located C
"You won't have ____ to kick around any more." A

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Leisure Suit Larry 3

Leisure Suit Larry 3

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