Dorfbewohner (Minecraft)

Was können die einzelnen Dorfbewohner z.b Priester können die irgendwas besonderes

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Nein. Zumindest jetzt noch nicht.

Antwort #1, 02. April 2012 um 00:33 von Erschaffer

Wie doof und was ist mit den Kindern wie brekommmt man die schmnell

Antwort #2, 02. April 2012 um 00:36 von jerryDX

"Mating and Population

Villagers will mate depending on available housing. A "house" is defined as a wooden door that has an "inside" and an "outside". The "inside" is the side of the door which has more "roof" than the other. A block counts as being part of the "roof" when it is within 5 blocks of the door, its topside is exposed to sunlight during the day, and its bottom side is higher than the door's bottom side. Notice that a door is not a "house" without a roof, or with equal amount of roof on both sides. A house is initiated by a nearby villager (up to 16 blocks away horizontally along both axis, and up to 4 blocks vertically), and then either added to an existing or a new village. Sometimes the Villager AI doesn't behave as expected until the game is restarted.Lots of clarification needed.

If there is a well-lit nearby cave that villagers can and do easily fall into, their population will explode to accommodate the space, and they can become very difficult to get rid of.

Once housing has been established, Villagers will then mate until the number of adult Villagers equals 0.35 times the number of doors. Any remaining children will grow up as usual, resulting in a total number of adult Villagers somewhere above one third of the number of nearby wooden doors. The type of Villager that the child is, doesn't depend on what type the parents are; Two farmer Villagers can have a child that is any of the occupations. Unlike other breed-able mobs, the parents and child have no personal interactions other than socializing.

Villager children will sprint about, entering and leaving houses at will. The Villager children will also chase each other around the village to simulate that they are playing tag. These children will sometimes stop sprinting to stare at an Iron Golem. If the Iron Golem is holding a rose, the children will cautiously take the flower from its hands. Although children look smaller than adult Villagers, their hitbox is the same size. "

Antwort #3, 02. April 2012 um 00:45 von Erschaffer

Dieses Video zu Minecraft schon gesehen?
kannste die ersten sätzte nochmal richtig übersetzten googles gramatik ist scheiße

Antwort #4, 02. April 2012 um 12:02 von jerryDX

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