Patch (DayZ)

Was ist neu?
Ist endlich mein heiß ersehnter Bogen/Armbrust dazu gekommen?


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Hier die Patchnotes von 0.44.

Known Issues:
• Binoculars not functioning properly in crouch and prone states.
• Thrown objects moving at a slow frame rate during peak server load
• Crossbow damage higher than desired
• Ongoing melee balancing has zombies more resilient to body impacts. (Aim for the head)
• Accelerated Time falls out of sync after extended uptime (disabled for this update)

• Actions: Melee attacks added to frying pan and cooking pot
• Actions: Recipe for bow crafting added
• Items: Dexterity of shotguns, pistols and rifles configured
• Items: Tracksuit Jackets and Russian Officer Hat configured and added to loot spawns
• Items: Binoculars configured and added to loot spawns (known issues above with this item)
• Items: Implemented Crossbow + bolts.
• Server: Basic item bullet physics enabled (known issues tied to server performance)
• Server: New guaranteed messaging system for network traffic
• Server: New player spawn locations near Klen, Chernaya Polana, Orlovets
• Server: Accelerated Time implemented for gameservers
• World: New Ash Tree model
• World: New village "Karmanovka" has been added

Antwort #1, 23. April 2014 um 13:44 von Der-GTA-Gamer

• Actions: Crafting with medical items - splints, blood bags, blood testing
• Actions: Removed force feed and force drink from epinephrine and morphine
• Actions: You can no longer turn on flashlight or defibrillator laying on the ground without battery being attached to it
• Actions: You can no longer empty magazines or ammunition boxes laying on the ground (and loose ammo)
• Actions: Burlap sack removes from head properly
• Actions: Apply defibrillator action messages
• Actions: You can catch rain holding bottle in hand only
• Actions: moved quantity manipulation and item removal directly into action on self
• Actions: added config entries to actions for single use food and drinks
• Actions: Single use food and drink items now adding to player water and energy levels
• Actions: Injection vial cannot be consumed
• Actions: Medical items related actions on other player (proper quantity handling)
• Animations: Player now can wave (F1) when unarmed or holding one-handed item with raised hands.
• Animations: playing correct footstep sounds for 2handed melee raised run, aimed rifle run
• Animations: Removed the jerky motion when sometimes equipping a weapon/item, usually at the start of eating/drinking/bandaging
• Animations: sitting with 2 handed melee should now work properly
• Animations: Fixed an issue where you would first stand up when pressing crouch in unarmed sitting pose
• Animations: Fixed an issue where you couldn't sit from unarmed prone directly.
• Animations: fixed missing rotation animation for unarmed crouched player
• Animations: Iron sights now use all 3 parameters for min, max and init zoom. Values of these params tweaked.
• Animations: Player's "naked eye" max zoom level lowered. It allows for the same max zoom as iron sights.
• Gear: Improvised courier bag and taloon backpack shows their damage state in inspect window
• Gear: Green bandage stops bleeding
• Gear: Fruits no longer show 100% label
• Gear: FNX45 red dot sight optics renamed and now requires 9V battery in order to work
• Gear: Resolved chambering issue with 22 related to stack quantity
• Gear: Tablets amount in inventory slot changed from % to pills
• World: Rocks at Ship Wreck location reworked
• Zombies: Melee attack bleed chance nerfed
• Zombies: Damage is dealt to head while kneeling

Antwort #2, 23. April 2014 um 13:45 von Der-GTA-Gamer

Ich hoff ich konnt helfen :D

Antwort #3, 23. April 2014 um 13:45 von Der-GTA-Gamer

Dieses Video zu DayZ schon gesehen?
Hä? also gabs vorher schon Crossbows? ^^

Antwort #4, 23. April 2014 um 14:16 von ninja99


Antwort #5, 23. April 2014 um 16:19 von Wrap

Da steht ja drin das man Bögen craften kann richtig? Was brauche ich dafür?

Antwort #6, 23. April 2014 um 20:32 von TheWerni1

Du brauchst 1 Ashwood branch und 1 Rope um dir einen zu Craften.

Antwort #7, 24. April 2014 um 12:18 von RuddiLove

Wo finde ich Ashwood Branch ? Seil hab ich :D

Antwort #8, 24. April 2014 um 22:40 von Theclonewars

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