Timed Duels... (Yu-Gi-Oh GX Duel Academy)

ich hab da so meine Probleme mit den Timed Duels und wäre euch dankbar wenn ihr mir helfen könntet...
Hab da so einige Duelle mit meiner Logik nicht lösen können...
Hier eine Liste meiner Probleme:

Level 2: Nummer 35,36,38
Level 3: Nummer 52,55
Level 4: Nummer 62,63,67,69,74,75
Level 5: Nummer 87,89,90,91,92,93,95,96,97,99,100

Das sind ziemlich viele und daher steh ich kurz vor der Verzweiflung oO
Hoffe mir kann irgendjemand helfen...

Frage gestellt am 23. Dezember 2008 um 22:50 von -sweety-

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No. =035=

-Special Summon Lava Golem by tributing two Sheep Tokens.
-Special Summon the other Lava Golem by tributing the Lava Golem you summoned
before and one Sheep Token.
-Activate Change of Heart and select Lava Golem.
-Equip Axe of Despair on Lava Golem.
-Enter Battle Phase and destroy the Sheep Token with Summoned Skull.
-Attack with Lava Golem.

No. =036=

-Activate Tribute to the Doomed, discard Black Pendant and destroy Marshmallon.
-Enter Battle Phase and attack with everyone.
-Activate Mystical Space Typhoon and destroy Snatch Steal.
-Enter Main Phase 2 and Summon Red-Eyes by tributing Kozaky and Algae.

No. =038=

-Activate DNA Transplant and select Light as the attribute od choice.
-Equip Axe of Despair on Penubral Soldier Lady.
-Summon Amazoness Swords Woman.
-Enter Battle Phase and attack Soldier Lady with Swords Woman.

No. =052=

-Summon Breaker the Magical Warrior and activate his effect, destroying Chain
-Activate Swords of Revealing Light.
-Activate Ring of Destruction and choose Breaker.

No. =055=

-Summon The Creator by tributing Marshmallon and The Creator Incarnate.
-Activate The Creator's effect by discarding Bazoo, then choose to bring back
The Creator Incarnate.
-Activate Premature Burial and return Bazoo.
-Activate Bazoo's effect and remove Ragnarok and Marshmallon from play.
-Enter Battle Phase and attack Gravekeeper's Guard with Bazoo.
-Attack directly with the other two.

No. =056=

-Flip Summon Kotetsu and select Black Pendant.
-Summon Gearfried.
-Activate all three of the Black Pendants (one on the field and two in your
hand) and equip them to Gearfried.

No. =057=

-Activate Tirbute to the Doomed, discard Summoned Skull and destroy Marauding
-Activate Scapegoat.
-Activate Amazon Archer's effect twice, each time tributing two of the Sheep

No. =058=

-Summon Copycat choose Luminous Soldier.
-Enter Battle Phase and attack Luminous Soldier with Copycat.
-Attack Mystical Elf with Archfiend Soldier.
-Attack with Giant Orc.

No. =059=

-Activate Umi.
-Activate Premature Burial and choose Mermaid Knight.
-Summon Catapult Turtle by tributing Gear Golem.
-Use Catapult Turtle's effect, sacrificing first the Mermaid, then the Turtle

No. =062=

-Summon Magical Scientist and activate his effect to summon Thousand-Eyes
-Use Thousand-Eyes' effect on one of the BEWDs.
-Activate Black Illusion Ritual and sacrifice Thousand-Eyes.
-Use Relinquished's effect on the other BEWD.
-Enter Battle Phase and attack with both monsters.

Antwort #1, 30. Dezember 2008 um 14:56 von pokefan12

No. =063=

-Activate Meteorain.
-Summon Monk Fighter, then Special Summon Master Monk.
-Equip Legendary Black Belt on Master Monk.
-Enter Battle Phase and attack the face-down Des Koala with Master Monk.
-Attack with both monsters as much as you can.

No. =067=

-Flip Summon Cyber-Stein and Granadora.
-Activate Back to Square One, discard Monster Reincarnation and choose
Granadora as effect victim.
-Activate Premature Burial and choose to return Sacred Crane.
-Summon Granadora.
-Use Cyber-Stein's effect to Special Summon BEUD.
-Enter Battle Phase and attack Des Lacooda with Cyber-Stein.
-Attack with everybody.

No. =069=

-Summon Marauding Captain and, with his effect, summon Throwstone Unit.
-Equip Throwstone Unit with Rush Recklessly.
-Activate Throwstone Unit's effect and offer Marauding Captain to destroy
-Activate Call of the Haunted and select Dark Driceratops.
-Enter Battle Phase and attack with both monsters.

No. =074=

-Activate Ojama Trio and respond to their summoning by activating Token
-Set Statue of the Wicked.
-Activate Mystical Space Typhoon and destroy Statue.
-Flip Summon Catapult Turtle.
-Enter Battle Phase and attack Kangaroo Champ with Gyaku-Gire Panda.
-Attack with everybody else.
-Enter Main Phase 2 and activate Catapult Turtle's effect three times to
sacrifice all of your monsters, the Turtle last.

No. =075=

-Summon X-Head Cannon.
-Activate Pot of Generosity and select Y-Dragon Head and Z-Metal Tank.
-Enter Battle Phase and attack Granadora with one of the Shining Angels,
bringing back Y-Dragon Head with its effect.
-Repeat above step, except this time bring back Z-Metal Tank.
-Enter Main Phase 2 and Special Summon XYZ-Dragon Cannon.
-Activate his effect, discard Monster Gate and destroy opponent's Granadora.

No. =087=

-Activate Premature Burial and choose Theban Nightmare.
-Summon Theban Nightmare from your hand.
-Special Summon Gilasaurus.
-Activate Smashing Ground and chain it with Emergency Provisions, so choose
both Smashing Ground and Premature Burial.
-Enter Battle Phase and use your two Thebans to attack the Metal Armored Bugs.
-Attack with everybody, and with Lily, activate her effect.

No. =089=

-Activate The Shallow Grave and choose to return Gravekeeper's Spy.
-Activate Book of Taiyou on your Spy and special summon Spear Soldier with
Spy's effect.
-Summon Mystic Tomato.
-Activate Nobleman of Crossout and select your opponent's middle, face-down
-Enter Battle Phase and attack Don Zaloog with Mystic Tomato, choosing to
return Cannonholder.
-Attack Slate Warrior (opponent's face-down monster) with Spear Soldier.
-Attack with everybody.
-Enter Main Phase 2 and activate Cannonholder's effect twice, sacrificing the
two other gravekeepers.

Antwort #2, 30. Dezember 2008 um 15:02 von pokefan12

No. =090=

-Activate Graceful Charity, discarding Shogun and Mataza.
-Summon Marauding Captain and, with its effect, Exiled Force.
-Activate Exiled Force's effect and destroy one of the Shields.
-Activate Premature Burial and select Mataza.
-Equip Mataza with both Big Bang Shot and Mage Power.
-Enter Battle Phase and attack both Shields with Mataza.
-Attack with Marauding Captain.

No. =091=

-Activate A Legendary Ocean.
-Activate Salvage and choose Star Boy and Fenrir.
-Activate Call of the Haunted and select Amphibian Beast.
-Summon Star Boy.
-Special Summon Fenrir.
-Enter Battle Phase and attack BEWD with Mother Grizzly, then choose Catapult
-Attack BEWD with Amphibian Beast.
-Attack with everybody.
-Enter Main Phase 2 and use Catapult Turtle's effect on Amphibian and Fenrir.
-Now use its effect on Star Boy, and finally, on the Turtle itself.

No. =092=

-Activate Back to Square One by discarding your Summoned Skull, and choose the
opponent's Summoned Skull.
-Activate Conscription.
-Activate Polymerization and summon B. Skull Dragon.
-Activate Dragon's Mirror and summon your other B. Skull Dragon by removing the
Summoned Skull and Red-Eyes B. Dragon in your Graveyard from play.
-Enter Battle Phase and attack with both monsters.

No. =093=

-Activate A Feather of the Phoenix, discard Dark Magician and select Thousand
-Activate Upstart Goblin.
-Activate Card of Safe Return.
-Activate Skilled Dark Magician's effect to summon Dark Magician and draw one
-Activate Tremendous Fire.
-Activate Thousand Knives to destroy BEWD.
-Activate Dedication through Light and Darkness, Special Summoning Dark Magician
of Chaos and using his effect to get back Upstart Goblin.
-Activate Upstart Goblin.
-Equip Dark Magician of Chaos with Megamorph.
-Enter Battle Phase and attack.

No. =095=

-Activate Dark Hole and chain Emergency Provisions to it, so choose both Dark
Hole and Snatch Steal.
-Summon Injection Fairy Lily.
-Enter Battle Phase and attack with Lily, activating her effect.

Antwort #3, 30. Dezember 2008 um 15:04 von pokefan12

No. =096=

-Activate Giant Trunade.
-Activate Special Hurricane by discarding Breaker.
-Special Summon Envoy of the End by removing Breaker and Wingweaver from play.
-Activate Premature Burial and choose Kycoo.
-Enter Battle Phase and attack with both monsters, though you needn't activate
Kycoo's effect.
-Enter Main Phase 2 and activate Chaos Emperor's effect.

No. =097=

-Activate The Warrior Returning Alive and select Marauding Captain.
-Activate Reinforcement of the Army and choose Gearfried the Iron Knight.
-Activate Toon Table of Contents and choose another Toon Table of Contents.
-Repeat above step.
-Repeat above step, but choose Toon World.
-Activate Upstart Goblin.
-Summon Marauding Captain and, with his effect, Gearfried.
-Equip Sword of Deep-Seated on Gearfried.
-Activate Upstart Goblin.
-Activate Toon World.
-Equip Marauding Captain with Sword of Deep-Seated.
-Activate Blast Magician's effect and get rid of Meteor B. Dragon.
-Activate Blast Magician's effect again and this time get rid of Valkyrion.
-Enter Battle Phase and attack as much as you can.

No. =099=

-Activate Monster Reincarnation, discarding Rare Metal Dragon and select BEWD.
-Summon BEWD by tributing both Breaker and Reflect Bounder.
-Activate Premature Burial and select Rare Metal Dragon.
-Activate Monster Reborn and choose Reflect Bounder.
-Enter Battle Phase and attack Big Koala with Kaiser Glider, selecting Master
of Oz.
-Attack Jinzo with Rare Metal Dragon.
-Attack Big Koala with BEWD.
-Attack with Reflect Bounder.

No. =100=

-Summon Spell Canceller by tributing Invader of Darkness, then "counter" it
with Torrential Tribute.
-Activate Monster Reborn and choose Invader of Darkness.
-Activate Call of the Haunted and choose Spell Canceller.
-Enter Battle Phase and attack Sind alle in englisch hoffe aber das ich trotzdem helfen konnte.

Antwort #4, 30. Dezember 2008 um 15:06 von pokefan12

Hey :)
Vielen lieben Dank für deine Mühe. Da ich die englische Sprache halbwegs beherrsche war es mir so ein leichtes, die Rätsel zu lösen. Jetzt hat das verzweifelte Denken ein Ende.
Also vielen Dank nochmal ^^

Antwort #5, 30. Dezember 2008 um 20:06 von -sweety-

Ich habe ebenfalls paar Probleme mit den Time Duells und zwar bei den:
Level 4 Nr. 72, Nr. 76, Nr. 78
Level 5 Nr. 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 88, 94, 98
Könntest du mir bitte helfen?

Antwort #6, 03. Januar 2009 um 20:22 von gelöschter User

ich hab ein paar probleme mim spiel,weil ich cheats hab wie z.b. alle karten zu haben.folgendes es stehen hier viele ziffern und buchstaben aber welche knöpfe sind das am GBA?
wers weiß bitte ich brauche hilfe!

All the Cards

50,000 Duel Points

Antwort #7, 26. März 2009 um 21:35 von gelöschter User

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