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Wenn ich mit Eyja ausreite dann kommt man ja zu der Brücke, was muss ich dort machen?
Danke im Vorraus!

Frage gestellt am 31. Mai 2009 um 10:55 von Austromax98

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was ist eyja

Antwort #1, 31. Mai 2009 um 10:56 von Oblivionzocker2

vieleicht hilft ja das hier:
I am a female argonian. Can I still date Eyja?
Yes. Eyja does not discriminate. There are a few lines of dialogue that are said assuming the PC is male, but that shouldn't ruin the experience.

Can I change her clothes?
Yes. You can put whatever you want in her wardrobe cabinet and she will wear it.

How does her wardrobe work?
It has a drawer menu in it for each day of the week, and special drawers for adventure, lingerie, swim wear, etc.

Can I take Eyja with me on adventures?
Yes, after you win her heart there is a simple follow/go home command option.

Is there nudity or any hot coffee action?
No, this is a romance mod, not p0rn.

I love her clothing. Will you make a separate release so I can get use her clothing?
Probably. But not until after this mod is done.

What body are you using?
All sorts of them. Bodies are integrated into the clothing. I used Stock Bethesda stuff for the clothing with some model/uv changes, but enhanced her full figure appearance on the models/meshes, and used BIU's body for the lingerie and swimwear, with some small tweaks.

Do I need a body mod for this mod?


Can I run a body mod with this mod?


Is it compatible with OOO 1.3?

Yes. You might place it below OOO in mod manager, but it probably doesn't matter either way.

Is the other Rosethorn hall mod compatible with this?
No, but it doesn't have a hot servant and a million features either. You'll have to decide.

Is the billiards table optional?
Nope, delete it in the CS if you don't want it there.

Can I play pool?
No, but you can knock the pearl around on the table with a sword and it might fall in the hole, I haven't messed with it much. I just had it laying around and threw it in there a long time ago.

I don't like how Eyja looks. Can you make her a mystic elf?
No. But you can edit her in the CS if you want. Eyja is the same as the stock game except younger and with make up. I reduced her lips after ten million people requested it, other than that her face is the same.

I like the hair. Can I wear it with my character?
You can, but it's brunette only. It doesn't change color like normal hair, it's like a wig.

Eyja is just laying in bed after the date, what do I do? Hehehe... you really need some experience eh? Try sleeping with her.

vielleicht is das auch falsch aber ich hab das aus der englischen read me

Antwort #2, 31. Mai 2009 um 11:39 von kuecki

Eyja ist die bedienstete in der Rosendornhalle...
Ähhhm wenn du die Readme hast dann gehe ich davon aus, dass du die Mod auch hast wie weit bist du?

Antwort #3, 31. Mai 2009 um 12:02 von Austromax98

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