Kann manMetal Mario freischalten (Super Smash Bros.)

Hilfe,geht das?

Frage gestellt am 10. September 2009 um 18:18 von (Mario)34-98

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ich würd ja einfach :nö, schreiben, aber dann zeigtes an dass das weniger als 5 zeichen sind, deshalb schreib ich das hier:
Metal Mario is a form that Mario himself takes when he hits a Metal Box item in Super Mario 64 and collects the Metal Cap within. While in a metallic state, Mario can act as normally but has much more power and defense, and will sink to the bottom of any body of water he comes across so that he can walk on the floor underwater. Also, Mario loses no health while underwater, because his metallic state makes him not need to breathe. In Mario Party 6 & 7, Mario becomes Metal Mario with the effect of a Metal Mushroom Orb, which protects him from traps set on the board.

Metal Mario had since made return appearances as a more "independent" character in Super Smash Bros. and Super Smash Bros. Melee, as well as Mario Golf and Dr. Mario 64.

Metal Mario appears in the single player mode of this game as more or less a boss opponent to be battled one-on-one. In this battle that takes place in Metal Mario's Residence, he is a very different fighter than the normal Mario; he barely flinches to ordinary attacks, and takes an absurd amount of damage to KO (often over 300%), but succeeding in getting him off the stage almost guarantees victory, as his massive falling speed and terrible recovery make it nearly impossible for him to survive. On lower difficulties he mainly walks around the stage, seldomly attacking, but he can be hard to beat on higher difficulties. ^^ übersetzen musst selbst

Antwort #1, 11. September 2009 um 13:03 von gelöschter User

Also nicht,Gbt es sonst noch mehr Geheimnisse?

Antwort #2, 11. September 2009 um 19:14 von (Mario)34-98

also alles was man freischalten kann, sind die 4 charakter und die eine stage, aber mehr nich

Antwort #3, 12. September 2009 um 10:30 von gelöschter User

Man kann noch mehr freischalten z.B.: Das Item menü oder das musik menü.

Antwort #4, 14. September 2009 um 13:12 von mrcrazywii

ja, aber ich mein das hauptfreischaltbare, sound test is ja eher nebensache

Antwort #5, 14. September 2009 um 18:06 von gelöschter User

Was bringt eigentlich der sound test?Nur zum
Musik HÖREN?

Antwort #6, 18. September 2009 um 17:26 von (Mario)34-98

Ja, der ist nur zum Musik hören.

Antwort #7, 18. September 2009 um 17:58 von mrcrazywii

s JA BLÖD,Wenn man mit "jeden" Character Normal schaffen würde,
kriegt man dann auch was?

Antwort #8, 19. September 2009 um 18:48 von (Mario)34-98

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