flammenturm (Tales of Phantasia)

ich brauch dringend den weg dadurch komm da patu nicht weiter

Frage gestellt am 06. November 2007 um 15:07 von MelinaLynn

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Ich hab da auch so meine schwierigkeiten gehabt, aber ich hab mir den Weg ausgedruckt. Des problem is halt, es ist alles auf english. Soll ich es dir trotzdem schreiben?

Antwort #1, 07. November 2007 um 19:33 von colette-chan

klar bin eigetlich ganz gut in englisch

Antwort #2, 09. November 2007 um 12:22 von MelinaLynn

Es tut mir leid, dass es erst jetzt kommt... Sorry!

"Upon entering the tower, head to the left. All the way to the left there`s a door to the north. Enter it to take a Basilisk Scale and
?armor. Back in the main entrance, there`s another path south of the room you were just in. A warp in that room leads to wehre you met Valkyre in the past (Pegasus for the win!). Nothing here now, though. To the right of the room with the treasure is a oath leading to a lever. Pull it. On the right side of the main entrance, there is another path heading north with another lever to pull. South leads to a ?book and a Moon Crystal. Ignore the north door for now, and return to the middle of the room. Take the newly opened door upstairs."

"Head up another flight to a fork, left and right. For now, none of these other rooms can be entered without enduring huge chunks of health. The floors are covered with lava. Everyone, even those not in the party, needs tobe equipped with an Ice Charm. You may have noticed that the Geraldins drop Flare Charms. Acquire 5 Flare Charms (that means fight 5-7 Geraldins; if you can`t find any keep trying, they will come to you). When you have 5, use a Rune Bottle on each of them to make 5 Ice Charms. Equip everyone with one, and you can move about safely."

Sorry, aber mehr kann ich jetzt nicht schreiben! Aber ich verspreche dir, morgen wieder zu schreiben, okay?

Antwort #3, 14. November 2007 um 20:17 von colette-chan

Dieses Video zu Tales of Phantasia schon gesehen?
Hallo! Hier kommt die vortsetzung!

"At the fork, head left and north to a room with an Omega Shield and a Flare Cape. Head south for a Verbena. Back at the fork, take the right path and go south to find two Melange Gels. Take the stairs to the north to reach another fork. First go north until you hit a wall, then head all the way west. You`ll find a ?helmet. Now go south all the way, heading west when posible. You`ll find yourself in a small room in the SW area that contains a Shield Ring and a Life Bottle. Now head north and east until you hit a wall, then go back down to where you came up the stairs. Now take the path to the left."

"Go up the stairs to a new floor. Here you can go up again, or to the right. Head to the right to find 2 Shrimps and a Holy Bottle. Return to the stars and take them up to another floor. Here, ignore the path to the right and take the stairs. Follow the same procedure one more time to be in a small room with a chest. Open it to find Explode, a strong spell for Arche. Turn it off for now, though."

Morgen mehr! (Sorry!)

Antwort #4, 15. November 2007 um 21:38 von colette-chan

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Tales of Phantasia

Tales of Phantasia
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